Feet Of Rhythm

Feet Of Rhythm

 New York City, New York, USA

Nadia Dieudonne & Feet of Rhythm Afro-Haitian Folkloric dance company was created to preserve and promote the rich culture of Haiti.


Nadia Dieudonne & Feet of Rhythm is an Afro-Haitian folkloric dance company created to preserve and promote the rich culture of Haiti. Since 1994, the nonprofit group has personified Haitian pride by performing at cultural events worldwide including the Wasshoi International Dance & Music festival in Osaka, Japan; Brooklyn Museum of Art; several cultural festivals in Canada, Downtown Dance Festival in Battery Park; Summer stage-Central, Prospect Bark-Band shell, Bryant Park, The African Heritage Guggenheim Festival, The Dance Theater Workshop/NYC, Schomburg, Lincoln Center-Out of Doors and American Folk Festival in Maine.

Feet of Rhythm specializes in theater, concert, festival, and band performances and is capable of presenting Haitian folklore tales in theatrical manners. Each choreo-drama reflects traditional Vodou dances, which is fused with Dieudonne unique contemporary movements.

Feet of Rhythm's trademark is in the energy of its dancers and drummers. Each dynamic choreography is based on an original arrangement of live drumming with chanting and sounds of nature. Visual effects are as important as the dance performance; therefore, specific setting and props are built to allow better understanding of each dance, and the traditional Afro-Haitian costumes are redesigned with new touches that correspond with the performance. The modern touch to traditional choreographies and costumes helps to reach a younger audience thirsty for their ancestry.

Feet of Rhythm is not just a dance group it is an educational presentation of the African and Haitian heritages. A workshop often precedes the performance that is based on historical dance description in relation to the sound of the drums.

Artistic Director Nadia Dieudonne is a talented choreographer, dancer and teacher who began dancing at an early age. By the age of 12 Nadia was performing with well known Haitian folk singer and activist Mrs. Myriam Dorisme. Nadia's innate talent as an Afro-Haitian dancer grew stronger in 1990, as she began to travel back to her homeland to research and study the origins, purposes of Haitian dance and its connections to Africa. Today, after more than 15 years of dancing and performing, Nadia is known as the best Banda dancer outside of Haiti. Her expertise comes out of her diligent study of the folkloric heritage of Haitian dance. She honed her skills by attending several Lakous (communities that preserve and practice specific Vodou ceremonies) in the countryside and dance schools in Port-au-Prince. She also has been guided under the tutelage of the renowned school of Haitian dancer Viviane Gauthier along with independent study with various esteemed folkloric dance companies.

As part of her commitment to preserve her culture, Nadia founded in 1994, Nadia Dieudonne & Feet of Rhythm, an Afro-Haitian dance company where she creates, develops and fuses the traditional Vodou dances with her unique contemporary style. In 1995, Nadia also found it necessary to share and teach young Haitian-American youth who are not aware nor exposed to the vibrant culture of Haiti by creating Feet of Rhythm kids cultural program & Dance Company. Since its founding she has diligently extended her services to under served youths within the public schools, community based organizations, and daycare centers throughout the Tri state. Nadia has conducted adult master classes at many prestigious institutions such as New York University-NYC, City College-San Francisco, State University-San Francisco, Lincoln Center-NYC, Jacobs Pillow (assistant to Jean Leon Destine-Boston, Lincoln Center Mid Summer Night Swing- NYC, The Katherine Dunham Dance Institute-NYC and Alvin Ailey NYC(substitute dance instructor). Presently Nadia is a teacher for the Department of Education and has obtained her Masters of Arts in Dance Education at New York University.
Nadia has performed with Masters in the field, such as Haitian icon Jean-Leon Destine & his Afro-Haitian Dance Company, and the acclaimed Dinizulu African drummers, singers, and dancers. She has also danced with Ballet Djoniba, Charles Moore Dance Theater and Forces of Nature. As a solo artist Nadia has been commissioned to perform throughout the US and abroad Canada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Holland, Japan and Trinidad.

As Musical Director Daniel Beaubrun, renowned bass player, founding member and producer for 1992 Grammy nominated band Boukman Eksperyans, has created the musical score and implemented a live band. The band is composed of some of Haiti's finest musicians and percussionists, which is an integral part of the show. The music is predominantly based on legendary rhythms: Yanvalou, Parigol, Mayi, Dahomen, Nago, Ibo, Petwo, Rara and Banda, which are driven by the drums, yet the trickery of sound is flavored with the zest of the guitar and bass line. Joining in this multitude of talent as guest vocal artists are: Eddy Francois, mostly known as a prominent "Sanba" lead singer in Ra


Tou Manbre- Lataye

Set List

A a choreo-drama, which reflects the middle passage of Africans to Haiti and their resistance to slavery. Length 60-90 min

OPTION B. Popori �2002
A combination of dance choreographies that reflects the social and spiritual ways of life in Haiti. Length 30 min.

OPTION C . Two choreographies which will reflect Contractor or event�s theme. Length 20min maximum

OPTION D. A 10-15 min performance of songs and dances

OPTION E. Dance and drumming workshop
Length:60-120 mins