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The best kept secret in music


"Fast Forward"

Hard Rock is finally making an underground comeback. With interest in recent years keying in on Death/Black Metal, Power Metal, Hardcore, Oldschool Metal, Prog-Rock, Fusion and Thrash, Hard Rock got rocked somewhere along the way. Kids in garages have been experimenting with the aforementioned. Not Feff.
Rob and Dan, the brothers Pfeffer, keep it clean. They keep it hard. They're smart. They're talented. They work on the music and the music business aspect of their lives right from the getgo. They work on image. They work as hard as they play.
Rob: "I am an unrelenting spirit. If I decide to accomplish something, I will do it regardless of the obstacles in my way. Too many people focus on the odds against them. I concentrate on the odds in my favor. That's how I live my life" Dan: "I want to wake up in the morning and live life on my own terms. I won't settle for things and situations I dislike and I don't blindly follow rules and traditions just because they make sense to other people."
Ranked as one of the top acts to see in New York by www.MusicTV.com, these close brothers have garnered great local reviews at CBGB's, Continental and Acme Underground, a stunningly fast forward word-of-mouth buzz since their Summer 2000 debut.On early demos, Rob's vocal and guitar mix'n'matches like only brothers can with Dan's one-man rhythm section of bass and drums. They like to think of it as "melodically hard" born out of a sound that was hardly melodic at one point. Influenced (like the great '60s artists of the past) by the blues, Rob writes of, as he says, "tales of love and loss, getting by, moving on and living and loving well." Rob, being the founding member of the group, writes most of the material and all of the lyrics. Since Dan joined the band, he and Rob have collaborated on recent material.

As a band, Feff will re-energize listeners. "We have become numb, lazy, since so much on the radio sounds the same," they say. "When we play, people look up and pay attention. There's a reason for that. It's called 'energy'. Before amps, before mics, music was a transfer of energy from one person to another. Production has drowned out the essence of music energy. We intend to bring it back. Our contribution will be in allegiance to those who've been there from the beginning. We remember our influences, respect our contemporaries and want to become the future of rock'n'roll." Big words. These guys are nothing if not sure of themselves. Rob points to Zeppelin and Hendrix as muses; his brother Megadeth, Pink Floyd and Sabbath.

In "Lookin' For Pity," Rob almost snarls as he sings, "You portray this blatant arrogance, sadly sent/All your problems were worth half your rent/I hope I make a dent in your total lack of understanding where you are/Pretty far from Fairytale Suburbia and flowered walls... Now it falls!" He's obviously been burnt. He ends his diatribe with a bridge of "sold your safety/sold your safety" and one can only wonder whatever happened to the object of his past desire.

In "Numbers In Your Head", he spitsings, "Numbers in your head, wondering if you're dead/As hands they sweep it all away/Numbers in your head, jitters start to spread/With realization of the cost/You can't believe you lost/But I can't listen to the grief for I am not the thief/All I've know is all I've shown/It's failures but I never ask."

Lyrically, Feff is obviously more sophisticated than their unsigned peers. And when Rob sings these personalized odes, he's feeling the emotions that went into the composing. "Why do we go back for more?" he asks in the same song, "Why, we're waiting for the score," he answers. "Life is dismal in the red." That's for damn sure. Numbers, as he likes to say, are in all of our heads. When you think about it, it's one of the motivating factors for why we live our lives the way we do. Feff has picked up on this and made good solid art.

There's no telling how far a mindset like this can take them. The music's in the both of them (their mother was a music teacher, both theory and composition). These are kids who were fooling around with instruments from the time they learned to walk. Those are the ones who make it. Those are the ones who last. - Metal Maniacs

"Music TV"

Great rock band. A tight lead singer with an amazing voice. Reaching for the high notes and making it. Creative song writing and excellent musicanship make this a band to watch grow. - Music TV

"WRHU 88.7 FM"

“These guys are the best band I’ve seen in a long time. I saw them live, and they energized the entire crowd, got everybody on their feet and wanting more. I couldn’t wait to see them again.” - Music Director, DJ

"PastePunk Magazine"

"FEFF evoke the spirit of 90s greats, ALICE IN CHAINS and STONE TEMPLE
PILOTS with a hard-nosed tumble into dark and textured rock. There is a
weight to the band's sound that anchors it firmly to one's ears." - Jordan Baker


"So Deserving" - 92.3 K-KROCK, 102.3 WBAB
"Bathe In My Agony" - XM Radio Ch. 52, 102.3 WBAB


Feeling a bit camera shy


Picture it - In the biggest city in the world, a band stands so far above the rest that they've undoubtedly earned the title of "The best Hard Rock band in NYC (WRHU 88.7FM)." Aggressive melodies, in your face guitar driven crunch and ear grabbing hooks are the three ingredients for FEFF’s trademark sound. In late 2002 the New York born and raised Pfeffer brothers’ Rob (Vocals, Guitar) and Dan (Guitar) set out to create a hard hitting sound that would incorporate interesting song writing with powerful radio ready hits. With this idea intact, FEFF soon solidified with the additions of Arizona native CJ Smith (drums), and New Yorker Adam James (bass). The bands incredibly powerful live show quickly became known as, "...one of the top live acts to see in New York City (MusicTV.com)."

With the release of FEFF’s self-titled debut EP on November 2nd, the band has pre-sold over 1000 copies in just 2 weeks. That’s a feat that even most major label acts can’t accomplish let alone a band doing all the hard work on their own. Sales took off when FEFF’s first single titled, "So Deserving" began receiving regular airplay on NYC’s 92.3 K-ROCK, the nation’s most influential modern rock radio station. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests, K-ROCK invited FEFF to their studios for an on-air interview with disc jockey, Matt Penfield. After K-ROCK, Q104.3 and 102.3 WBAB began playing FEFF, making them the only unsigned band to be played on all 3 of NYC’s major rock radio stations. The band is also receiving airplay from numerous other commercial, college and internet radio stations throughout the country. Most recently, FEFF was labeled as one of the top twelve unsigned bands in the country by XM Satellite Radio and is listed under the most played and requested bands on XM channel 52. FEFF has also received national press attention and critical praise. Editor Mike G from Metal Maniacs states, "They’re smart, they're talented. Those are the ones who make it, those are the ones who last."

In a city that never sleeps, FEFF has kept their fans happy by headlining shows at New York City's top rock clubs, and has also been invited to play prestigious festivals like Locobazooka and the New York Music Festival. With fans anxiously waiting, FEFF will hit the road this winter to tour throughout the Northeast.