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* Testify CD 2007
* Midnight Poems CD 2005


* Lycantrophy 2007
* Just Like Heaven 2006
* The Great Escape 2005
* Lost 2005
* Dive 2005




In the year 2003 there was only Anton Laurila and his vision of a band playing melancholic, melodic rock. Soon enough he had gathered a band around him, and they released their first ep, Lost, in spring 2003. It was recorded in a studio with roses all over it… They obtained some cult following, and quite a few young girls lost their hearts to Feiled…

Anton was convicted that his songs had the ability to move people around the world, and he focused on making even better songs about his perception of the world around him.

Feiled was among the first bands to use MySpace to gather up a fan base. With the help of to the superb songs and MySpace, they soon had a remarkable ground level following in Europe, and Feiled fan sites popped up in Italy, Poland, Mexico and Germany.

In Finland the awareness of Feiled grew, and in autumn 2004 Poko Records signed the band on to its Gaga Goodies label. The first album, Midnight Poems, was full of heart-rending classic rock songs with plenty of melodrama. It was produced by Mr Janne Joutsenniemi (Suburban Tribe), and was released in April 2005. It was followed by some touring around Finland and the release of numerous hit singles.

In the summer 2006, Anton met a man who played an integral part in the Feiled saga: Nick Triani. Together they chose the best songs out of the material Anton had written for the second Feiled album, and the band began hectic rehearsal and pre-production sessions with Nick. The outcome of these sessions is Testify – the album, which Anton had always wanted to make. With this glorious album and the all-new line-up, the band is now ready to to do what it does best: to play loud and addictive rock’n’roll gigs. Anton has still kept his vision and talent intact, and finally Feiled sounds like – Feiled.

“With this album I want to show my love for all the musical styles I feel represent me as a person. In Testify, there are elements of punk, goth, pop, Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith, Mew, Muse, Cure, metal, progressive rock and rock’n’roll, I think Testify is quite a schizophrenic album, but in a good way. Just like I am. Killing and loving in the same package.” Anton Laurila