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"Felice Bois - Editor's Picks"

Felice Bois - Editor's Picks, #6 In Spoken Word Storytelling.

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"Felice Bois"

"Felice Bois is a Writer, Author, Actress, Business Entrepreneur and an A’capella Spoken Word Recording Artist whose life challenges as a single mother and a Black woman could no longer go hidden or unspoken. From her trials and victories as a single mother with a troubled teen, she tells her story with a strong message of hope for other mothers and teenagers through her creative and powerful vocal delivery of the Spoken Word.

Femme Lounge had a chat with this amazing woman who believes in making a difference in the world and is walking the talk."

- Shola Okubote

- Femme Lounge


I am inspired. I'm single mother of three...
I had to listen to "Modern Day Black Momma" 10 times...I am now empowered with more pride and dignity to do what I have to do as a modern day black momma. Thank you. Keep doing what you do for it is truly a gift.
- Anonymous Sonic Bids User

"Shame On You"

I love, "Shame on You." It's a tragic story that we see replayed everyday time and time again in high schools across our country. Some learn only from experience. Others (us) learn from the experiences of other people. - Art Shepard: Poetic Works


First LP Gen Eyes Wide (17 tracks) release date: May 20, 2009.
Online streaming available on website: http://www.moderndayblackmomma.com or http://www.reverbnation.com. No radio play I'm aware of.



Felice Bois (Writer, Actress, A'capella Spoken Word Recording Artist) is an Oakland, California native whose life challenges as a single mother and a Black woman could no longer go hidden or unspoken. From birth until the age of twelve, Felice was raised by various fosters parents and by close family members. She moved around often between the cities of Long Beach and Berkeley, California. As a teenager she had an introverted personality – spoke when spoken to, at times walked with her head down and contributed to a conversation when and if it interested her. She loved to dance and had a select few friends. During the summer school breaks and after school, at the age of sixteen, she began supporting herself by working several part-time jobs to buy her own clothes and shoes. In 1987 Felice dropped out of high school to pursue her duties as a teen mother to her first born child Andrew.

In 1994 Felice received an acceptance letter to attend California State University Hayward to study Sociology as a full-time student. In 1996 Felice realized that she did not recognize her true direction in life so she discontinued her studies at CSU Hayward. Shortly after her discontinuance of her college studies, she was hired as a part-time employee to work for a local packaging company. While working at the packaging company she had a brief romantic involvement with a co-worker (unnamed). In 1999 her daughter Cora was born. Shortly after her daughter was born, she quit her job with the packaging company to raise her daughter. While caring for her two children Felice struggled financially and was ready to go back to work. She had difficulty securing a full-time job, so in 2002 she decided to pursue a career in the booming real estate industry as a licensed real estate agent.

Life went on, unforgettable good days passed and her joy filled son with the million dollar smile was no longer a baby boy. She saw her son trying to become a man – taking life head on. As she witnessed her son’s struggle with peer pressure, family issues and a lack of positive male role models it was then that Felice realized that her voice was not loud enough - she was not her son’s only influence. It was through his pain, his struggle that she recognized the struggle of all young Black men. In the summer of 2003, Felice began to channel her feelings in her journal about the issues she discovered and hoped to one day help resolve. After a long haul of tears in the principal’s office, juvenile court dates, jail visits, collect calls, letters, miles traveled, probation officers, long suffering and to the gates of hell and back, in the Fall of 2008 her first spoken word album Gen Eyes Wide was born which she wrote and produced, under her record label Modern Day Black Momma Records. A powerful vocal delivery of the Spoken Word is performed with the voice of authority and assertiveness, gracefulness and humility.

Felice says: “Had it not been for my faith in God, I would have never found the strength to go on. I understand that youth from all cultural backgrounds deal with similar issues but I was inspired to talk to young Black men because so many young Black men set themselves up as targets for government officials to arrest and jail, and even their own peers are sometimes their worst enemies. I’m speaking to those young men who are struggling in their minds and want to move ahead in life. Open your eyes before it's too late to really live. Most importantly I want troubled young Black men to know that they have a higher purpose in life, but they must be willing to listen and learn to evolve into the men they have the potential to become. I hope that my voice is loud enough this time.”

The latest buzz about Felice’s next project; her self titled book: Self-Afflicted Genocides of the Black Male Youth: Survive the Process is scheduled for release in Fall of 2010. She is currently working on her second album and plans to release three more Spoken Word albums in the near future, aiming her focus primarily on world and family issues.

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