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Felicia Brown

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Escape the stress and worry of everyday by indulging yourself in the relaxing sounds of "Just Breathe: Guided Meditations for Inner Peace." This CD includes 7 original meditations set to calming instrumental music plus one music only piece to extend your meditative experience.


Felicia is a licensed massage therapist and educator in the spa industry who has spent more than 25 years learning and teaching meditation and relaxation to others.

Visit her web site and blog at http://www.spalutions.com and http://blog.spalutions.com. Preview the entire CD and download individual tracks at http://cdbaby.com/FeliciaBrown


The Source

Written By: Felicia Brown

Bring your attention to your breath clearing your mind and relaxing your body through the inhale and exhale. (breathe) (breathe)

Allow the inhale and exhale to become deeper and fuller, expanding into your whole being, into every corner of your mind, body and spirit, filling you from head to toe with a peaceful, loving, calming energy. (breathe) (breathe)

On your next inhale, begin to imagine the breath as a warm soothing stream of water, flowing over the top of your head and surrounding your body. (breathe) (breathe)

As you breathe in, this shimmering, silver waterfall flows across your skin and through your entire system, all the way to the ends of your fingers and toes, bathing you in healing and washing away all of the mental and physical toxins and impurities inside and around you. (breathe) (breathe)

Continue to breathe and let this flow of light, this stream of Divine love to run over and through you, pooling around and warming any places that need extra healing or attention. (breathe) (breathe)

Let the breath and the soothing waters surround you like a warm bubble bath and steep yourself in healing. (breathe) (breathe)

Allow yourself to float and to be supported exactly as you are in this place of Divine healing and love. (breathe) (breathe)

Feel the gentle current and motion of the breath rock you like a baby in a cradle and allow yourself to drift for awhile.

As you begin to come back, remember this feeling of floating and rocking in the healing waters of the Universal Source . Know that you can come back to this place again and again through the breath and that the source has no end. (breathe) (breathe)



Set List

Meditations can be customixed for your group's needs. In addition, Felicia will be glad to speak to your group about general wellness, relaxation techniques, and other inspirational topics.