sultry twilight duo. sad songs excessively dressed. soulful, experimental, occasional operatic interludes. theatrical, dark, emotional, harmonic, stories, dulce de leche wimmin dipped in costumes.


Poeina and Felicia met on Broadway, in Seattle fall 2002. Felicia was traveling the country with her dog Tobin. She was singing on the sidewalk for money to leave town. Poeina was living in Seattle. She was singing on the same sidewalk for rent. Poeina walked by Felicia wearing a pink furry cowgirl hat, guitar in hand. Felicia asked her to play her a song. Felicia joined in moments after hearing her. They both understood something magical had just happened so thy put out a case and started playing together. From that moment on, the two have been inseparable. Poeina and Felicia left Seattle six months later and have been touring since. Felina has traveled coast to coast, south to north, east to west. they have played places from CBGB's Gallery in NYC, NY to the Orpheum theatre in Flagstaff, AZ to Bumbershoot pizzaz in Seattle, WA. They are now based out of Portland, OR where they have been working on, and are almost ready to release, their new album. While recording Amelia, the requiem for her untimely, brutal death, she decided to grace us with her voice on the recording. It came from nowhere possible that anyone can find…it's her, she cries, it's undeniable.

POEINA SUDDARTH - i started vocal training at age eight with a russian women through the seattle girls choir. she made girls cry often and she is still my favorite teacher i have ever had. i have fourteen brothers and sisters and i am number eight. i have always loved music. my dad says that when i was in the womb he would play music and i would start dancing. i have played guitar for nine years. sometimes i sing opera at shows if felicia breaks a string or if someone shouts out for an operatic interlude. i love jazz and i love folk music.

FELICIA FIGUEROA - i was born and raised in Arizona. i love the sunshine and lots of water. my favorite smell is the desert after it rains. i have always loved to sing. i started playing the guitar, and playing music professionally at age fourteen. my professional carreer started while playing music with my brother and dad. i have played various instruments throughout my life thus far, but the ones that have stuck are the guitar, bass and drum.


we couldn't get Amelia to upload but this is our favorite song so please listen to it on our myspace

Written By: F E L I N A

Amelia, are you listening
Because I’m singing, singing out loud for you
Amelia I know I don’t know the whole story,
but I understand ‘cuz I’m a woman too.
What’s it’s like to make friends, just to make ends.
Amelia what I want to know now is
Did you have a child, a child you left behind
Did you have a child
Amelia are you listening
Because I’m singing, singing out loud for you
Amelia what I want to know now is
Were you alone when your blood ran cold
Were you alone when you died by the railroad
Were you looking at the sky
Were you thinking of your life
Were you thinking of your child
Were you thinking rescue me somebody please come
Rescue me just like in the movies
Rescue me somebody come
Amelia you deserve a requiem fit for a queen
Because you are every woman’s worst dream
Amelia are you listening
Because I’m singing, singing out loud for you


F E L I N A has recorded 4 full length CDs...

we have a new release titled "let me tell you a story" it is a full length CD, (mixed, mastered and produced by SMOKE of Old Dominion).
Our new CD is getting airplay on KBOO 90.7FM, Portland, OR, KAOS 89.3FM, Olympia, WA, and moscow free radio moscow, ID. We are expecting it to soon be getting airplay in Arizona, Montana, and other idaho stations. It is in stores in montana, wyoming, utah, and idaho. we plan to have it in stores in oregon, washington, california, and arizona by the end of june.

4 Days 3 Rooms (2005)
This CD was literally recorded in four days while we were on the road, taking our huge computer from house to house to house. This CD is receiving airplay on KVNA 600AM, Flagstaff AZ, Boise State Radio AM 730 Boise ID, and KSHI 90.9, Zuni NM . We have heard rumors that it is also receiving airplay in Seattle WA and in Santa Fe NM.

We used to have a third member, and during that time we went by the name of Red Fish Blue Fish. Under that name, we have recorded 2 full length CDs...

Waltz Like Paper Dolls (2004)
This CD received airplay on KVNA 600AM, Flagstaff AZ and on Eagle Radio 96.9FM Flagstaff, AZ.

Live in the Studio (2003)
This CD received airplay on WDGR 91.9FM, Plainfield VT and was also on HERO Radio 94.7FM, EL Paso TX.

Set List

We are prepared to perform solid sets anywhere from 20min to 4hours.
Here is a list of some of our songs..

Road Warrior
Tired Town
Brick Buffalo
Tears of Rape
The Crow
The Monkey Song
Joe’s Pot Pies
In the Rain
Punk Rock Love Story
Fire and Lightning
Over Buildings
5 More Minutes
Hell to Pay
Freedom Run
Token Love Song
faded photograph
½ Of It
last dime
sit and talk
And more…

Our cover songs consist of old Spanish/American folk music and other requested material which includes…
Willow Tree
Across the Blue Mountains
In My Life
This Is My Song
rainbow connection
worried man blues
i'll fly away
don't let me down
children of the universe
de colores
cielito lindo
quesas quesas quesas
And more…