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IRL (In Real Life)

Written By: Elisabeth Pezouvanis

Another Friday night alone, noone to call
She’d become real tired of staring at the wall
She tried a new way, love online is what she found
She ran into someone
Who turned her whole world upside-down

So a few days later
She was heading for the door
With her last words being
"You only live once"

Then she went away just to meet him IRL
Haven't seen her since
Don't know if she's doing well Leaving in a hurry
Told us not to worry
She's never coming back
As far as I can tell

Not afraid to take a chance, it was insane
Nothing at all to lose and everything to gain
Head over heels, crazy breakups FTW
She just couldn’t wait
For her new life to begin
Talk about spontaneous
She feared nothing in this world
She said “You only regret what you never did”

I believe a fantasy Is a taste of reality
If you set your dream free
You can be who you want to be