Felix Jones

Felix Jones


Nickelodeon asks permission to play Felix Jones on top programs. Band on the official 1st round nominations ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards. FJ reached an estimated 330,000 listeners per week in 2007; band signs contract with MusicSupervisor.com.


Felix: (Latin); happy.
Jones: (Slang); a craving, addiction.

Their story is: the droves of people worldwide who are independently selecting to air Felix Jones' music on their airwaves and podcasts. The music speaks for itself.


Nickelodeon contacted Felix Jones at the end of November to offer a master synchronization license on their debut album "Felix Jones". The band signed, and now Nick has the right to play anything from their CD on their top programs.

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences placed Felix Jones on the official 1st Round Ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards (in seven categories, including Best New Artist).

NUMBER ONE! (and four): Felix Jones currently holds the NUMBER ONE spot on KRIM FM's Indi charts with their song "Lost In The Wind"! Holding on strong at number FOUR, is their song "Konichiwa" as well!

SIGNED, Nov. 2007: Felix Jones just signed a non-exclusive agreement with the HIGHLY selective MusicSupervisor.com. The band is excited to be in a library (alongside bands like STYX) often browsed by music supervisors at:

20th Century Fox
Warner Brothers
Paramount Pictures
The Weinstein Company
The US Army
Screen Gems
Universal Pictures
Sony Pictures
The Discovery Channel
Lionsgate Pictures
The UN Food Bank
Disney Family
(And countless other fine companies around the world)

Oct. 2007: Pulse Rated invites FJ to join Ricall: Ricall is one of the worlds leading music research & licensing companies. They've partnered with Pulse, and now Pulse has invited Felix Jones to join the library!

SIGNED, Aug. 2007: Felix Jones signed a 2-year non-exclusive marketing agreement with Black Mountain Productions.

MTV2: ... Felix Jones signed a non-exclusive contract with Matchbox Recordings LTD that placed Felix Jones on their latest compilation CD "Stay In The Box Vol. 1" currently being promoted worldwide via MTV2 and to music supervisors worldwide. Release date: July 30th, 2007

MUSICSUBMIT.COM: Featured on the front page as success story. "..we were hoping to get on some radio stations (which we did) but we never expected to get a deal from a record production company as a direct result of musicSUBMIT.... we signed a 2-yr deal and we're totally stoked..! So thank you very much for making it easy to build our band." - Felix Jones Band

BUFFALOTRAXRADIO.COM: For Immediate Release August 2, 2007
BuffaloTrax Radio Adds Six New Independent Artists to Playlist (including Felix Jones, "Fired Up")

Buffalo , NY – BuffaloTrax Radio, a streaming 24 hour a day, seven day a week internet radio station devoted to playing only new, emerging, independent artist music has added six new artists to its playlist. The station began accepting music submissions from singer/songwriters, bands and musicians from towns and cities throughout the United States and Canada in March. Submissions from other countries are also accepted. Hundreds of bands and musicians have applied....

MATCHBOX RECORDINGS: Featured on website... " A three piece rock band from Chicago Illinois, Felix Jones specialise in a happy go lucky rock sound that is underpinned by a poppy punk feel and some nice eclectic guitar overtures. Afterworld is as such a great showcase of their sound: catchy, light hearted and fun. It also demonstrates their best asset: finely crafted and well executed close vocal harmonies." http://www.matchboxrecordings.co.uk/artists/stayinthebox.htm


Sky Digital - (8.176 million households in UK and Europe)


Border Crossings with Larry London (MARCH '07)


KETR RADIO (100,000 watts)

CKXL, Envol 91FM
Canada (Saint-Boniface, Manitoba)

Chicago, IL
Q101 (101.1 FM)
(FJ Ranked #1 local band on q101.com in March '07)

KLBQ-FM 98.7 -"Q99 South AR's Best Mix"

Power 96.3 -

105.7 FM KPMX -

WTAO 105.1 - "Rock 105 (Tao)" -

KGLI-FM 95.5 - "The Best Mix KG95" -

Power Hits 97.5 -

Mix 103.7 - "Today's Best Hits" -

New Mexico
KSSR "Multicultural" AM - 1340

KYFM 100.1 - "Brightstar 100.1" -

South Dakota
KVHT-FM 106.3 - "Your Mix, Mix 106" -

Virgin Islands
WMNG-FM 104.9

WVIQ-FM 99.5 - "Sunny 99.5"

WWUH Radio
University of Hartford

88.3 FM
Morningside College
Sioux City, IA



CD Baby


Sonicbids.com (Electronic Press Kit)



Love You Still

Written By: Joseph Davis and Philip Sheaff

Love You Still

There’s no time left to waste, we’ll be older tomorrow
I feel like I’m closer today
It is now that we climb to the mountain-less star
Together Together

From the day I was born I could settle your storm
Always will love you still
Ocean try but you can’t shipwreck destiny’s hand
Always will love you still

There’s no time left to waste, we’ll be older tomorrow
I feel like I’m closer today
It is now that we climb to the mountain-less stars
Together Forever

Atmosphere to the rear we are
finally clear of the mess that we made
Satellite to the left to the right treasure chest
Full of blue shooting rays
And higher and higher we’ll blaze! Yeah!

There’s no time left to waste, we’ll be older tomorrow
I feel like I’m closer away
It is now that we climb to our mountain-less star
Together Together

In this heart we must find
what is yours, yours is mine
'cuz I do love you still
this old heart never breaks
what I have, you can take
'cuz I do, love you.

Album Lyric Booklet Inside Here

Written By: Felix Jones


copy and paste the above link into your browser to view all Felix Jones Band's lyrics for the album "Felix Jones".


Written By: Davis

I'm not afraid of this mountain
I'm not afraid of this world
Just be yourself
stay cool
confide in those who wait

We'll take a walk into
A little place I know
We'll take a walk into the Afterworld

I'm not afraid of this challenge
I'm not afraid of that girl
Just be yourself
stay cool
confide in those who wait

Let's take a walk into
A little place I know
Let's take a walk into the Afterworld

Now that I'm old, I'm fortunate
I've opened up.
Now that I'm fortunate I'll take a walk into
A little place I know
I'll take a walk into the Afterworld.


Written By: Davis/Sheaff

Seen it all, driving down the streets of America

Open up the door for my African buddy that I have in America

While I smoke he chew piece of bubble gum

Talks about the Congo in Africa

We seem to all finally get along

I love the beach. San Diego and California.

Playing volleyball with the Mexicans.

God, I never worked so hard in my life!

I gotta move to Mexico, get a wife

Drinking Cervesas in the avenue

We seem to all finally get along

Kenya Russia Argentina China Canada New Zealand

Costa Rica France Jamaica pivoting around the sun

Malibu and Pasadena Buenos Aries North Korea

Sydney Laos and Italia pivoting around the sun

Koneechewah! Heaven it’s nice to meet you all…

Some are 4 foot high, some are 5 feet tall…

Smarter that I. (Love the sushi bar!)

Thank you for you come to America

What tradition you have in Asia!

We seem to all finally get along


Gee Fyl Joe (EP)
Pop Filter (EP)
Raise Your Mind (LP)
Felix Jones (LP)

To see FJ perform live, please copy the below URL into your browser.


Set List

Fired Up
Feeling Alright
Mandy Cadillac
Fill Riff
Fall Out
Love you Still
Lost In The Wind
Believe In You
Baby Girl
Lonely Seat
Love You Still
Ocean Way
Everybody Loves Music

Won't Back Down
More Money More Problems
Trippin Billies
Spirits In A Material World
Fight For Your Right