Felix Sarco

Felix Sarco


A three way bridge between the art, psychedelic jam, and heavy rock communities. An ultra dynamic audio collage with a high-energy stage show, including lavish costumes and on stage art galleries. Experimental Funk Dance in a Post-modern electro-thrashing art groove. For the sake of free thought.


Wild, fast paced dance beats, a blend of operatic and peculiar vocal work, layered with heavy rock guitar, funk bass, and other worldly synthesizer creates a highly approachable funk infused hybrid of psycho-pop rock and roll.

The band has drawn comparisons to Jane's Addiction, Faith No More, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Marylin Manson among others, and has shared the bill with national acts such as Rusted Root, Head Automatica, and Fallout Boy.

Sporadic fits of improvisational jams and sonic spirals accompany the band's full compositions. The music can be described as an "audio collage," taking fragments of several music standards and placing them in strange company.

Allowing every member to work on each piece as they see fit has allowed the band to create a unique experience for show goers of every imaginable category.

A firm belief in unified individuality through the elimination of musical cliques and so-called scenes has created an eclectic following in the band's N.E. PA local region. Placing a tongue in cheek importance on reality and one's appearance therein, through lavish and ever changing costumes, the band has successfully encouraged it's fans to follow suit, creating a masquerade like atmosphere with audience members and performers alike dressed in a wide variety of styles that cover the full fashion spectrum. With an unbridled passion for highly unorthodox movement, thought and music, Felix Sarco aims to redefine societal boundaries, both musically and visually. Several members of the band, also visual artists as well as musicians, often create and display on stage light and art galleries, adding a unique atmosphere in coordination with the usual "club lighting."

With such an eclectic palette and entertaining presence, an evening with Felix Sarco's P.P.M.M.S. promises absolutely nothing!!!

and everything...

Paid for by "the comittee to book Felix Sarco"


Who Touches Who - Released August 2004
Singles "Bubble Boy" and "White Nectarines"
have been featured in several radio showcases (97.9x 102.3 the mountain), and also in regular rotation.

Set List

(All songs shown are original compositions)
The Professional
Bubble Boy
HI-MI Hawks N Doves
Awfulbet Racers
White Nectarines
The Classy Call Girl (Multifaceted Super-sexy Beast)
Escape From Shady Acres
Off On Wed.
Once Upon a Mt. Top
Bang Bang Billy
Cerebral Noreaster
Joe the Human Plunger
The Devils Calypso (Lounge of Evil)
Fearless Children
Prophecy of the Olive Branch

The band can fill a full evening of music (roughly three hours, three 55 minute sets,) either by itself, with other scheduled acts.