Fellow American

Fellow American

 Lubbock, Texas, USA

We are an indie pop rock / alternative group from Lubbock, TX made up of Aaron Parrish, Clint Scott, Grady Benton, Elliott Metherd, and Kyle Cotton. Listen to our songs and tell us we don't enjoy doing what we do. New record out in September!


In 2011 Aaron Parrish and Clint Scott began writing songs together after meeting at college. After quickly realizing the songs required more harmonies and rhythmic flare, the duo expanded to a five-piece now known as Fellow American. They released their first EP "From Me To Shore" in November of 2015 and have experienced nothing but positive responses to the collection of songs from the studio to the stage. Fellow American has been compared to numerous bands including: Young the Giant, Local Natives, Band of Horses, Twenty One Pilots, and countless others. The band's strengths include instant hooks, angelic harmonies, and plenty of percussion in most songs. The song Curfew was selected by past and present members of the Texas Grammy Board to represent Lubbock, TX on the Lubbock Music NOW compilation cd. The band has been selected and featured on Skope Radio, Songshooter.com, Radio Katy, won Best Rock Performance at the 2017 Roswell Film and Music Festival, New Slang's top EP and Songs list of 2015, and won LA-based BEGIN's March Music Madness competition. Fellow American has played with successful musicians including Judah and the Lion, Seasons After, Shallow Side, The Forty-Eight/ Alissa Beyer, and  Variants.


Monkey in the Middle

Written By: Aaron Parrish

Monkey in the middle, that's exactly what I am
Jumping to get the goods that are being tossed to another man
They all think it's a game but I'm starting to think it's more
When my chest starts to congest with all these feelings I abhor

The pep band's going crazy now and all the trumpets will sound even when we're going down because we played the game and remembered our name, though we're not the same, we endured the pain

The refs are growing blinder, they ain't calling it so fair
But I keep on jumping higher for the prize up in the air
The good guy never wins but I never will conform
To the ways of cheating jealous snakes I always have abhorred


Written By: Randall Jackson,Aaron Parrish,Clint Scott

I'm loving where we are tonight
Maybe it's the moon, maybe it's the light
I'm fighting back the voice that's in my head
That's saying this is so right

I don't wanna hurry this along
I don't wanna take it slow
I don't think that I should stay
But I don't really wanna go

You're taking my heart and you're running so fast
I can't catch up, I lose my breath
I never knew I would fall so quick
Am I serious, you've got me delirious
I'm on my feet trying not to fall
The "gos and stops" are all mixed up cause I misread your calls
I'm confident but shaking here,
As I try to plan my next move
Away from you

I don't wanna hurry this along
I don't wanna take it slow
I don't think that I should say
What I already know I know

I don't wanna hurry this along
I don't wanna take it slow
I've got something I should say
Yeah, there's something you should know


Written By: Aaron Parrish,Clint Scott

I'm gonna grab my keys and drive as far as I can make it in my car, got an empty feeling in my chest, so I'm gonna head west
As far as I have heard, the sun's always bright, with clear skies I could use for a while, a chance, a choice, I've made up my mind
I'm gonna head west and see what I find
Foot to the floor from the town I abhor I can't take any more
I'm hopeful about the direction and route, things that are in store
I wave goodbye to everyone, not a hand held high to this broken son

Well my river's run dry, I could use a change, cuz life has really got me drained, so I will head for better days, and if I like it more there, well I guess I will stay
I would love new scenery, and the west coast never sounded so good to me

Well I'm not the type to express my pains, but this shadow of mine's the only one who stays, I feel so alone and I suppose that's fine, cuz I messed it all up with every friend of mine
And oh Cali, oh Cali, save me some sand, my mind's set on your beaches grand, Arizona, Arizona, just heading through
Nevada is closing this song I'm composing is for oceans blue

Well my river's run dry, I could use a change, cuz life has really got me drained, so I will head for better days, and if I like it more there, well I guess I will stay
I need love, any takers out there? The west coast never sounded so good to me

The blinker keeps the tempo as I turn from disaster
The angel on my shoulder helps me move a bit faster
The demons in the rear view, for my soul they are after
But I'm moving out west to start a new chapter

Well my river's run dry, I could use a change, cuz life has really got me drained, so I will head for better days, and if I like it more there, well I guess I will stay
I'm in love, but he's in love with you too
And the west coast never sounded much better to me

Black Ice

Written By: Aaron Parrish

Godless nights these streets conceal
Guilt grips tightly the steering wheel
Shadows fuel this automobile
They taunt, and they prey, they long to kill

The taste is sweet, oh victory, we'll parade through the ashes in the street,
Where flowers bloom through demons doom and congregate at our weary feet

Rearview nightmares, clear glazed roads
From black and white to sinister rainbows

The taste is sweet, oh victory, we'll parade through the ashes in the street,
Where flowers bloom through demons doom and congregate at our weary feet
And when the winter fades away, the spring swears to hold sweeter days, as long as we can fix our eyes ahead

Play God

Written By: Aaron Parrish

Holy Ghost on fire, conform to my desires, burn a trail from me to shore
If you would suffice, and heed to my device, security would invite me in
If only

Control is in my hands

Holy King, I cry, the devil shelters my confidence in titanium
That's self-constructed,
Let me coast along, effortlessly far from wrong
Can't your kingdom come with less aggression?
Just give me more

Control is in my hands

I thought I had control, I never had control, I'll never have control
It's all an illusion
A slave to sin or life, the devil took disguise as my own advice
Now I'm lost in the ocean

Control is in Your hands

I can't afford to play God anymore

The Current

Written By: Aaron Parrish

Thrown headfirst into the wild sea
Unpredictable, ever so free

Falling in love
What a foolish thing
When the Current pulls
you away from me

Death, rejection, and rebellion wear
The fringes of my heart
And time unravels the rest

Falling in love
What a brittle thing
Sure to collapse
But it's something we need

Oh Love,
What a furious thing
When the current pulls
You away from me

Baggage Claim

Written By: Aaron Parrish

The bags beneath your eyes, they carry years of your regrets
You have fastened them up tight, they are the thieves of all your rest
And you're tired, my love
The sins locked in your chest, they convolute your earnest heart
That you have followed down this trail
You've found yourself back at the start
And you're tired, my love

I can carry your weight I swear
I won't bend beneath the past, I am strong enough for this
You claim that you're aware that what's behind you won't define you
But I know you've not forgiven yourself
And you're tired, my love

Now you're running on low sleep because the secrets that you keep
You think you're hiding them so well, but they lie exposed to me and I can tell you're tired, my love
And there's an overwhelming fear shackled to those crippling years that you're not valuable
But you're valuable, you're worth it my dear
You're tired

I can carry your weight I swear
I won't bend beneath you now, I am strong enough for this
You claim that you're aware it's what's inside you that defines you and you're strong enough to let go
But you're tired, my love

Princess, you've strayed
But you'll be okay
There's a love in you
That's made you new


Written By: Aaron Parrish

A clever devil prepared me a meal
He set the table and pulled me in near
"You've got it made you've heard them all rave
So take a seat and gobble your praise"

(Animals don't hunger)

I'm swallowing more than I ever could before
Each morsel of your affirmation
But my appetite just grows and it grows
I can never be full anymore

Animals don't hunger
Animals don't hunger the way I do

I'm constantly in pursuit of approval from folks that I don't even know
Why does my joy hinge on others' opinions of me

How can I ever live with myself
When my fuel comes from the voices outside my shell
There's a hole in my stomach I ingest and for what?
I can never be full anymore

Animals don't hunger the way I do

I'm looking for favor through faces outside myself
And everybody reminds me of someone else
A face I'll never please but I can't slip away from the table
Long enough to see
This is not about me

Animals don't hunger
Animals don't hunger the way I do
And I can never be full anymore

Falling With Style

Written By: Aaron Parrish,Bobby Hooten

We were raised in envied homes
Innocent but curious to the bone
We clung tight to the roots inside
Until the glorious cancer caught your eyes

You didn't heed the warning signs
Apathy consumed your mind
The light in your eyes began to fade
Long after you washed your sins away

There's a hole deep inside my heart you left behind
It echoes with uncertainty
Nothing worth having comes easy

A white flag at a busy bar
A souvenir of an empty heart
On a quest for a strong prescription
Now there's nothing to lose
You throw yourself away

No way out, it's a long way down

If your heart was on display to that innocent child you used to be
You'd shake your head and you'd weep out loud
And curse the anchor holding you to the ground

There's hope deep inside my heart
I pray you'll find
Eyes lock in grim regret
Nothing worth having comes easy

The Fever

Written By: Aaron Parrish

You captured my eye
On a memorable night
I saw you look twice
And now you won't escape my mind

And we laughed as we talked and I knew all at once I was breaking myself
Even though I know you had a man in mind may I remind you that there might be something better out there

A winding road to nowhere
I spend all of my time there

I played my heart out
For four whole songs
Until we got kicked out yeah
And just like that you're gone

But don't you claim that the thought didn't cross your mind at least once
You could've walked out with a man who can love like no one can but you played yourself safe
I could've sworn you felt it too but there ain't much that I could do when you've tied yourself down
I don't play dirty, no, but I'd be lying if I told you that I didn't think about it

They said we'd set that place on fire
but it was my heart with desire
Girl I gotta fever now
And I'm speeding recklessly down this

Winding road to nowhere
I spend all of my time there

Oh love, where did you go?

And I'm driving til I find you
Knowing you might not hitch a ride
You've got your atlas out before you now
Could you leave it all behind

For a winding road to nowhere
A winding road to nowhere

Saint Museum

Written By: Aaron Parrish,Clint Scott

You wake up in the morning and you strap on your shoes
Trying to figure out how to decipher the lies from the truth
The voices in your head'll persuade you what you should do
You thought it would be easy when your life changed that day
Emotions were flowing and blowing unbearable sorrow away
But now you've finally realized that to your dismay there's a fight

The devil knows the good book better than you
Throwing it in your face fogging up your view
So won't you take a stand and do what good boys do
The devil knows the good book better than you

We're all perfect here we don't have any time for those folks
Shake my hand and say you're fine just get me out of these clothes

The vices and the virtues got you so confused
You're frantically fumbling mumbling words that are so misused
To make the nonbeliever another robot too
Well alright
Your parents taught you everything you needed to know
Condemning the sinner will make you a winner and earn your halo
Avert your gaze to the mirror who's got their hand on your soul


Written By: Aaron Parrish,Clint Scott

There's something on my mind right now
There's something in your smile girl I've found

You're pure, you're true, I'd die for you

You've got a million miles to go from here
The road is rough I know sure but I'm here

There's something on my mind
Oh yeah you've been on my mind

Princess, don't stray from the castle gates
Still when you do, I'll die for you

Sleeveless in Seattle

Written By: Aaron Parrish

All aboard the plane
I'll abort the pain
It's easier said than done
Cuz space has only increased these desires I've held
Touch down in Denver
Distance doesn't buffer
It only makes me remember that

You're not mine, but you could've been if I had the courage at the right time
But at least I finally know now what I want

Hey I'm in need of an anchor, a home, a heart, a chance
Hey you are getting to me but I'll keep myself distanced
Because I just keep hurting myself
I keep running myself dry
I'm sleeveless in Seattle cuz it's 93 degrees
On a ferry straight to Bainbridge wishing you were here with me

A homeless man, I'll fit right in
But I'll begin again
Unpack my bags inside of you
Except I'm hesitant to prove
I have a heard I've hidden deep inside of me

Could it be time could it be time
That I finally make my move
Or did I miss my chance
Miles away from everything
But everything reminds me of

Staring down the space needle wishing that I had your little hand in my hand wouldn't that be grand
Now baby maybe in the future this will all work out and maybe I could call you mind and we'll travel all the time
Remember on that day when you first walked in, I fell in love with your laugh, fell in love with your grin
Now I'm burning in Seattle for that smile again, but I know that it won't happen
Why would you fall for me?

At least I finally know now
What I want

Oh I'm wishing that you were here with me

If You Don't

Written By: Aaron Parrish

There's a question mark
After what used to have an exclamation point
Has the weight of the world deformed it
Or has the weight revealed it

They all say the same thing
"Hold your breath things will get better"
I can't help but think the other thing
What if they don't

Now I don't comprehend a lot of things
But the few things I was sure of
Are scattered all around like a hurricane came
And flooded my open mind

And they all say the same thing
"Hold your breath things will get better"
But I can't help but think the other thing:
What if they don't
(What if they don't)

Oh hold me and whisper soft the truth
Oh pull me, draw me back to you
Oh hold me and tell me all the things I wanna hear you say
Oh pull me, draw me into you

What if you don't?

There's a question mark


Written By: Aaron Parrish

I thought I could do it but now I know I was wrong
If only it didn't have to take so long
I was so indecisive but now I know what I want
Just a little too late

I know there's a reason why
I see your face when I close my eyes
But the time I know what to say
You've already floated away
Into another fellow's arms

And though we've only exchanged a couple words
I've seen all I need to seen and I know it sounds absurd
And I know you think you've found Mr. Right
And I'm not trying to start a fight

I can never reach you
I barely even see you

I know there's a reason why
I see your face when I close my eyes
By the time I know what to say
You're walking down the aisle on your wedding day
By the time I know what to do
You're already on your honeymoon
I'm already behind because you're his and not mine
What's a boy to do
When you're running to another fellow's arms

By the time I blink you're gone
Your apparition lingers on

Naked to the Hungry Dogs

Written By: Aaron Parrish,Tanyon Sann Allison

I'm on fire can you see me now
I've been burning alive since the sun went down
I live my life with a blazing crown
That's what you said

Gun to your head, how you've been mislead
Now you follow the wolves in the wooly threads
You hold your breath til the blood is shed
You wake up dead

You gamble your life on the weathered strings
Swoon the girls' souls by the lies you sing
You drag them away while the bobtails ring but you don't care

You always break when you're trying to bend
Now you're sharing the fruit with your airhead friends
You ruin their lives just to make amends with yourself

You got your pricy suits and your big cigars
Expensive bottles in the floor of your car
Runaway trains only go so far
You're investing yourself into the filthy tar
Now you're a stranger to the sturdy tracks
You lose yourself, you'll never get you back
Your colorful world's gone and faded to black
Not a shimmer of light seeping through the cracks

Peter Parker

Written By: Aaron Parrish

All the debris has settled in deep and the sunburn starts to peel
Tokens of admiration are pushed to the back of the attic, packed and sealed

Life without her can be livable, but sometimes the thoughts invade
Thoughts about her and the smell of her skin
It's okay to be feeling down some days

When you can't find anything wrong with the picture
You don't notice anyone's gone then you miss her
You can't stay happy for long when that girl's on your mind
Believe me I've tried

It's funny how life doesn't ever slow down, it's downright hilarious

I laugh with your ghost cuz nobody else gets me like you did

When you can't find anything right with the picture
Remember her crooked smile when you kissed her
You can't stay down for long when that girl's on your mind

Oh life could be grand if you would hold these trembling hands in your own hands that held my anxious heart

When I can't find anything wrong with the picture
I don't notice anyone's gone then I miss her
I can't stay happy for long when that girl's on my mind

When I can't find anything right with the picture
I remember her crooked smile when I kissed her
I can't stay down for long when that girl's on my mind

Two Weeks

Written By: Clint Scott

In a darkened room is where I'm most conflicted
Here anything goes with nothing held or restricted,
And I've thought of you every night for two weeks straight,
Tortured by memories feels like the cruelest of fates

There was a time where we were practically perfect
And I'm your eyes I could tell you thought I was worth it
And I still believe we'll both find our "meant to be's"
But regret still looms around both you and me

I can't seem to find the things I actually need
So I might write a book that's only for your eyes to read
And desperation will appear on every page,
Your smile inspires me now in the darkest of ways

On the edge of a cliff
Holding on by our fingertips
You let go of me

When things got rough
You screamed "I've had enough"
Just let me fall softly

And I can't stop the waves from crashing
Over me


Written By: Clint Scott,Aaron Parrish,Grady Benton

Forgive me if my words are tied
By a tongue I swear has always tried
To say things that sound impressive to you
But my diction seems to be tested
It's true I've hidden from the depths below
All the way to the desert with all of her crows
So I'll write a letter with words that scream
Won't you save me

Take me from my island
Show me what I've missed
I'm not sure what we are
But I know I've been missing this

Now it's been a while since I've seen land
And I'm nervous, I hope you understand
It's like I'm coming out of the shadows,
But you represent a better tomorrow
Between you and the water I don't think I should really be bothered by the thought of leaving the sand as I
Come back to civilization

Take me from my island
Guide me through the sea
I'm not sure if we'll make it
But I know you belong with me


Written By: Clint Scott

Barricade the doors
Throw away the key
Lock out the perspective
Thats always stuck on me
I don't like the way I cheat
I don't like the way I hate
This negative view on the world
Was never meant to be my fate

Ill chase the sun
Until I'm someone
I'm so tired of always folding and coming undone
It just takes one glance
I'm taken back
To everything thing that's ever stopped me in my tracks

Mountains never seemed so tall
Flames never seemed so sporadic
But I don't want the type of help they give
Fake smiles and narcotics
There has to be so much more
I just need less of what I think is best
And pay no mind to false advise
Oh I'll never rest
I love this life I hate my pride


Written By: Clint Scott

Houston we have a problem
Houston we have a problem
Cause I'm somewhere out here
On the outskirts of my very own atmosphere
Houston we have a problem
Houston we have a problem
Cause I'm somewhere in the black
Of a soulless place, where you don't come back

I'm not astronaut, but it seems I'm in space
Somehow I got here but I'm not familiar with this place
I must have been knocked unconscious because I would have never gotten on that flight
I don't have the gall to be alone up here trapped with the stars in in endless night

I guess that it's my fault, whose else could it be
I can only blame myself, yea I can only blame me
It hurts to watch the world go on, when you're trapped at such great heights
And you can never come back down no matter how hard you try

Making of a Man

Written By: Clint Scott

Educate, graduate, escape, suffocate
Just a cycle I've learned, but no one's concerned
I stayed, at what cost, I played, I lost Exodus, to the plains, where redemption reigns
I fought, for too long, thought I was strong Like a God,
I'd stand, but I am man

I'm taking only back roads home
I'm sorry that I ever had to go
But I'll be back sooner than you know, back home

Ive made mistakes, and just like snowflakes
Every wrong was new, at least with every short coming my wisdom grew


Written By: Clint Scott

Davenport is calling my name
It's a city that you've never been to
I'll go there, I'll go there
To forget us, and our problems
The past is the past, I can't change that It's so sad, yea it's too bad

Patience has always been my problem

I can't wait for you
I can't stay for you

The winter breathes in all these feelings It cares not for what I'm sensing
We were so close we were so so close
It's so cold now I see my breath
It sparks the memory of all our good times I miss them but we cant go back


Written By: Clint Scott

I ask from the heart, how did this start, how did this begin, this dance we're in
I really don't mind, just sort of feels like, I should be questioning, how hard I'd fallen in just those few weeks

She pulls me away, yes you pull me away, from all the fears I have. Terrors have no control on me anymore.
As I'm confident for once, she picks me up and brushes off the dust sitting on these tired shoulders but I still look over them

Now I wonder as everything I'm learning, everything I already know, is coming out its pouring.
These spoken unsurities, my mental impurities, makes question everything you think now when you close your eyes do you see me there

I used to curse, I used hate anyone who ever said they felt this way
But she let me in, so I gave her my soul, now I see the world doesn't always just throw you in the cold

(I couldn't let you go)
I've been sitting in the background waiting for you this whole time
Fading in the desert saying I was just fine
Stumbling in the dark you're the only one that ever shined
I could never let you go

Miss Loneliness

Written By: Aaron Parrish

Loneliness is a companion of mine
If there’s one thing I know, she won’t pick up on the signs
And every time I imply that I would rather she leave
It flies over her head as she keeps me from sleep

But since I’ve tasted your love
I can’t stay with her anymore

If I can’t get more of your love, what will I do?
If everything behind is everything between me and you
Oh what will I do?

There are a number of women that I have entertained
But when I go back to my place, she’s still there all the same
Still I think things could be different if you gave me more time
Miss loneliness could take the hint, I’d love to leave her behind

I want to be unfaithful again
I want to be unfaithful for the last time


From Me To Shore EP (2015) - Release Date: 11/13

The Yearbook Demos (2016) - Release Date: 11/12

Hold Your Breath LP (2018) - Release Date: 

Set List

Original Songs:

Baggage Claim
Black Ice
A Broken Station
The Current
Falling with Style
The Fever
If You Don't 
Knights at the Kitchen Table
Making of a Man
Monkey in the Middle
Naked to the Hungry Dogs
Peter Parker
Phantom Phantom
Play God
Saint Museum
She Won't Let Me Get Close
Sleeveless in Seattle
Two Weeks

All My Loving - The Beatles
Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
Buddy Holly - Weezer
Carried Away - Passion Pit
Come and Get Your Love - Redbone
I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness
Jumper - Third Eye Blind
One Headlight - The Wallflowers
Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root
Shake it Off - Taylor Swift