Fellow Freak

Fellow Freak

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA

We are known for our infectious melodies that stick in your head for weeks. We have powerful songs that make for intense shows, but we also know dynamics quite well. Our music appeals to a wide crowd. We plan to show our music to the world and our dream is to do this until we die.


We're pumping out the music as fast as we can, one by one. We plan to play a ton of shows this summer so we can build a fan base and get ourselves known. We're just a couple of freaks with big dreams.


Black Day. Butterflies.

More songs are on the way.

Set List

20-30 minute set list:Butterflies. The End. Again. To the Poor. Arrows. Black Day.

We have about 15 songs and we try to vary the set for each show we play.