The combined talents of Jackie Luke on Hammered Dulcimer, and Greg Wilson on Para-Celtic Harp makes-up one of Sydney's most distinctive duos. Add to the sound the sweetness of Jackie's vocals, and the lively sound of accordian and concertina and you have the unique sound of Springtide.


Years of dabbling in many musical styles has given Springtide a wealth of musical material to choose from.
They move with ease from a traditional Aussie tune to a beautiful harp tune by Turlough O'Carolan, then lend their hands to a lively jig or reel, or a poignant Greek song by Mikis Theodorakis.
Springtide revels in finding music to suit their unusual instrumental combination.
The breadth of Springtide's repertoire means that the duo has wide appeal and is suitable for many different occasions, including weddings, theme concerts, festivals, folk clubs, and restaurants


Australia's foremost exponent of the Hammered dulcimer, Jackie has performed widely in Australia and abroad. She has played in diverse situations, including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Millenium Ensemble Olympic Torch Ceremony, International festivals in Munich, Slovakia, and China, and toured NZ and the U.S.A.
Maintaining a keen interest in expanding the repertoire of the dulcimer she finds the Fellowship of the Strings the perfect medium to explore new musical possibilities.
With an extensive background in Australian traditional music, and many other genres, Greg is a mult-instrumentalist. His rhythmic harp accompaniments give a contemporary edge to the sound, whilst haunting penny whistle embellishes the vocal lines. He is a member of the Inland Navigators and has toured USA and Sicily with the Sydney Heritage Ensemble, and performs regularly with a variety of ensembles in Sydney and beyond.


8th Yang Ch'in Congress, Beijing. China
Upper Potomac Dulcimer Festival, WV, USA
National Folk Festival
Narandera Bush Festival
Turning Wave Festival, Gundagai
Dang-Lyn Moon Acoustic Music Club
Umina Beach Festival
St Albans Folk Festival
Harmony HouseOpening Brooklyn Firestation
Dangar Island Hall
Troubadour Folk Club
Paddington Uniting Church Afternoon Concert
Folk Alliance Showcase
Christ Church, Dungog
Jamberoo Folk festival
Newcastle Folk Club
Hornsby Folk Club
For more information: www.easy.com.au/dulce


River of Tears

Written By: Jackie Luke

There you stand, all dressed in white
Your radiance shines in the first morning light
All to behold such beauty and grace
Held for a moment in secret embrace
But the madness of love……..left you here in this place

A vision so sweet, in a mantle of green
All were in love with a warrior queen
Consumed with jealousy, burned with desire
Losing your heart to the one so admired
And the old ones will tell….. You fought fire with fire

Feet in the earth, head in the clouds
In blankets of snow your mystery safely enshrouded
Far underground, still waters run deep
Drift on the tides of uneasy sleep
Forsaken lover, forever to weep
A river of tears

The morning sky, alight with rage
Your ancient home a fiery stage
Laden the air with feelings betrayed
Winners and losers in this passion play
Then the heavens explode……………….as the night turns to day

Look to the sun, as you flee to the west
Surely your fate to be never at rest
Neath green misty valleys and silvery fern
The fire in your belly continues to burn
And you’re biding your time…… till you may return