Toronto, Ontario, CAN
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Lavish Scum..


In a genre of music plagued by cliches and an unfortunate belief that units sold validate an artistÂ’s creation, one emcee refuses to fall victim and conform; F.E.L.N. (FreedomÂ’s Energy Limits None). A true visionary, F.E.L.N. combines both raw lyrical energy with experimental Alternative Hip Hop to bring listeners a truly inspirational experience.

Born in Guyana in and moving to Toronto, F.E.L.N. was exposed to the 90‘s rising tide of Hip Hop culture in the Dawes Road projects at a youthful age. His songwriting skills would prove to be prolific as he would write hundreds of rap songs throughout his teenage years amassing an impressive catalog of lyrics. Dabbling in many different styles but not becoming a slave to a particular one, F.E.L.N. has decided instead to become a master of all of them.


Drinking Buddies - EP

Business - EP


#FxckAvecMoi - EP

Git Dat - Single

Set List

SLPWLKR (intro)

Greedy (I want it all)

Til it's Over


Checkmate or Freestyle Session