Felo Master

Felo Master


The new generation of Reggaeton "Lo De La Nueva Era" Produced, Written, and Performed by Felo Master, rhythmic urban sounds along with his distinctive voice charm, this next Solo Reggaeton artist will captivate your vibe for he truly has what it takes in the Latin Urban Market.


Rafael Reyes better known as (Felo Master) Dominican and proud from Navarrete. Ex resident of Rhode Island and now making a home in New York City reresenting to the fullest the city that never sleeps.

A more than ready Felo Master after perfecting his style is ready to captivate the Latin Urban Market in Reggaeton. Inspired by love his songs are sure to cause an impact with all, specially the ladies. Remembering the early stages when Reggaeton at that time Spanish Rap was not that highly known or accepted was the time he as a DJ used to joke around an imitate artists of the genre shooting verses to his friends, when he was well received and compliments errupted, he knew it was meant to be.

The very versatile Felo Master has had most of his earlier songs included in an array of mix compilations that have done very well over the years. Now changing and implementing his song/rap style will prove that he is the next big thing in Reggaeton. Producing most of his tracks is his biggest power; he is a one man band ready to conquer the world with his new feverish style.

Felo Master is not new to the game, he has shared the stage with well-known acts of this genre like Don Chezina, Speedy, Las Guanabanas, Liqui Loco and LDA are some of the artists that have shown him support. A very humble Felo Master turns into dynamic burst of power on stage giving you the ultimate performance ever experienced. His goal is to bring his love and passion for music to his fans. For some local critics, Felo Master is one in a million and ready to transcend into the major music world; This is one artist you definitely have to keep your eyes on.

Set List

A performance for Felo Master can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours +. His show highlights his ability to host and interact with the audience, doing contests is his favorite. Do you have what it takes to be a Felo Master Dancer?

Written and Produced by Felo Master,
List of performance songs are:

Oye Mujer
No Me Veo Sin Ti
Dame Una Noche
Porque Esta Sola
Quiero Sentirte
No Queda Nada
Este Es Mi Estilo

Cover Music:

Don Omar songs