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Felonious is a live hip-hop collective that produces original music and theater. Known for virtuoso beatoxing, live instrumentation and multi-disciplinary theatre productions "Felonious suggests a criminally minded jazz genius, which isn't that far off the truth" - Erik K Arnold.


Felonious began in the early 1990s, when Wolf and rapper/drummer Tommy Shephard (aka Soulati) formed the a cappella group Felonious Punks. The duo played at house parties, cafes, and anywhere else they could find a gig. It was at one of these cafe shows that they met future bandmate Keith Pinto (aka MC Verbal KP). "I saw them, and I was blown away," Pinto admits. "After the show I went up to them and I said, "You guys are amazing. I don't know how, I don't know what I can do, but I want to be involved.'" Later, the three MCs met Aguirre. "At the time, we didn't want drums, we didn't want instruments. We felt that for us, a cappella was keeping it real," says Aguirre. That changed, and the rappers hooked up with bassist Dylan Mills and keyboardist Fletcher Nielson. (Nielson has since left the band.) Felonious Punks morphed into Felonious, and the band recorded its self-distributed EP Fight for Light. While the members still perform a cappella occasionally, as at a Justice League show with Jurassic5 and Quannum, Felonious is now a live band featuring keyboards, drums, and bass. SOURCE: http://www.sfweekly.com

Felonious also created the critically acclaimed theater piece Beatbox: A Raparetta at Theater Artaud in 2001. Beatbox: A Raparetta, written by Dan Wolf (D Wolf) and Tommy Shepherd (Soulati), is a theater piece in rhythm and rhyme, accompanied by beat box (vocal drum beats) and DJ Raw B. In development since 1995, Beatbox: A Raparetta has been produced in San Francisco, Oakland, New York Hip Hop Theater Festival and Hamburg, Germany.

Felonious has shared the stage with The Roots, De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Premier, Black Eyed Peas, Zion I, Living Legends, Radioactive, Crown City Rockers, Psychokinetics, Shotgun Wedding Quintet, Raw Deluxe, and Dynamic.


Recorded in Hamburg Germany, "Up To Something" (2007) is the third album from San Francisco underground hip hop band Felonious. German producers DJ exel. Pauly's jazz and soul samples, ABCity's banging hip hop beats, and Capudelup's live instruments create 13 deep soulful tracks layered with the rhymes and harmonies of the Felonious MC's. Highlights include “The Music”, "Lately", “Bulletproof”, “Free”, and “Cost of Living”. This album is the result of a musical friendship between Hamburg and San Francisco, six years in the making.

Other Felonious music projects:
-Fight for Light EP (1998)
-The List LP (2000)
-The Produce Section Vol. 1 (2003)
-Beatbox: A Raparetta EP (2003).
-Coming Soon 7" (2005 Trainingslager Records)
-The Music 12" (2006 Hong Kong Recordings)

Felonious is featured on:
-Bust a Nursery Rhyme (2001Little Big Mouth L.L.C.)
-West Coast Lyricists Lounge (2002 BP Metro Records)
-Bay Lab: Volume 1 (2005 Present Tense)

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Set List

Set List
BeatBox into Dylan’s Rock
ALL HOPES (digable)
BEATBOX- Dylan’s Rock
Dylan’s Rock…Luchini (Ab)…Big Payback (A-)…
Slum Village (G-)…Award Tour (Eb)…Cold Blooded (A-) “tribe” (A7)…Wild Child (Bm/F#)