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Album - Silence Is A Virtuous Thing
Upcoming Album - D:Void



Felsite formed in October 2008 with the union of Steve Small and Jeff Davis who met on a music collaboration website called indabamusic.com. They liked each others approach to music and began working exclusively together and soon formed Felsite - named after a type of rock formed from two different crystals. Steve comes from a Techno/Electronica background, while Jeff played guitar and bass in various bands before moving more towards sequencing and mixing. They quickly agreed that whatever musical styles they were to explore, at the heart of their songs would be strong pop sensibilities - killer hooks and to-die-for choruses. The internet is their chief modus operandi, building songs by posting tracks on Indaba, adding to and improving them, then posting the result back up for the other to work on. In this way, songs have evolved with the full participation of both members. The band have a heavy presence on MySpace as well as being well known as highly active members of the Indaba community. In this way they use the internet to spread the word about the band’s progress and invite people to share their excitement. This use of technology is partly driven by necessity as the pair live almost two hundred miles apart.! This geographical separation has been no impediment to the bands development and may even have spurred on the creative process, as their songwriting seems to be growing stronger and more confident with each new track.