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San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
Band World Jazz


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"Fely Tchaco Performence at Monterey Reggea Festival"

Leye Felicite Tchaco or "Fely" as she is affectionately called is a stunningly beautiful singer, songwriter and performer from Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa. Seeing Fely for the first time there is no way to ignore this striking dark beauty. With her long, lean frame it would be easy to mistake her for a high fashion model. Fely could easily take to the catwalk with the likes of Donyale Luna (first supermodel, cover girl and model of African decent to appear on the cover of Vogue in 1966), Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid (Somalia) or Alex Wek (Sudanese). On first meeting Fely, I was struck not only by her physical beauty but even more so by her inner beauty that clearly exudes a warm and genuinely sweet personality.

Born in Yamoussoukro, the capital city of Cote d'Ivoire, Fely's family ties are deeply rooted to the Guro Tribe originally known as the Kweni tribe who were brutally colonized by the French who invaded the country from 1906-1912. The artistically talented Guro Tribe gained international attention for their colorful Guro mask that symbolize the spirit of Gu, the wife of Zamble (a supernatural being who is part of the intricate Guro belief system). It is apropos to mention that the spirit of Gu could also be synonymous for the spirit of Fely as they both represent all that is elegant, graceful, serene and beautiful.

In her latest CD release, Awareness, Fely captures not only the spiritual essence of her Cote d'Ivoire homeland but also a deeply profound spiritual connection to people all over the world. Awareness is a fine collection of appealing Afro-Pop infused music that offers upbeat dance songs like Lets Go For Peace and the exquisite and moving Afrique Bou Le Wou, (Cry of Mother Africa) which Fely says is dedicated to people of African decent. Fely beautifully performed these songs and more at the 13th Annual Monterey Bay Reggae Festival on Sunday, August 31, 2008.

Fely performing at Monterey Bay Reggae Festival 2008

The only complaint I had about her performance is that it was just too short! I really wanted to hear more from Fely that day. The weather was sunny and bright and the small stage was filled with Fely's multi-cultural mix of musicians, dancers, and singers and was set in the most beautiful location at the festival adorned with a backdrop of pure blue sky and the outstretched twisted branches of a singular tree that somehow made me think of Africa throughout her performance. Fely had some audience members even join her on stage for a competition to judge the best dancer which was really a big hit with the crowd as they laughed and cheered on each contestant. Though the crowd was a little sparse, as many people were pulled between her show on the smaller stage and the performance on the main festival stage, Fely never let this stop the fun and excitement of her performance and, in the end, I could only feel sad for the people who were not lucky enough to be present for her performance. Those of you wishing to see a little of what Fely has to offer can view a video of Fely performing Afrique Bon Le Wou (Cry of Mother Africa) at You Tube by following this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCrr_Et7CyY... Follow this link to read more: http://www.reggaereview.com/feature.htm - http://www.reggaereview.com/

"Fely on Podcast"

http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate/detail?blogid=5&entry_id=2068 - San Francisco Chronicle

"Reviews by Ted 10/19/04"


Fely : De Zere Gnan, Fely Productions, 2003

Rating: A

The headline: “A world music sensation & top model from Cote d’Ivoire West Africa releases her American debut album.” That’s from the promotional news release. I was more than skeptical. What’s a top model doing recording an album and becoming a “world music sensation”? She should be in Milan glomping down the runway and pouting like a spoiled three-year-old. But making music? Give me a struggling, real artist any day.

I couldn’t stay outraged for long. I listened to the album once, twice, thrice, and was forever hooked. De Zere Gnan is a marvel. The good-looking lady can sing.

“Fely” is Felicite Tchaco, and she has recruited a talented bunch of musicians from near (USA, where she now lives and records) and far (Africa, Portugal). The result is a wide variety of musical influences, combined, conjoined and cohabiting on very friendly terms. Fely sings about life, love and religion in four or five different languages, with lovely melodies and sparkling arrangements to keep everything accessible for the linguistically challenged among us. With most of the ten songs clocking in at around the five minute mark, even the quicker tempos sound unrushed and genial.

The title track starts us off in a relaxed Latin mood, with Fely’s double tracked lead offering “homage to our forefathers;” she even does her own backup singing. That’s followed by a feel-good song with lithe, happy rhythm, guitar solo and light touch on piano. Track 3 (reversed with #4 in the liner notes) is gentle and somber, its beautiful tune and vocal delivery enhanced by an absolutely gorgeous and sensitive violin. The English lyrics are either stimulating or naïve, depending on whether you think society can “say no to evil.” Kora and djambe bring a swinging, lilting change of pace on “Den Kele.” Then comes “C’est Lui”, with a solid, snappy rock rhythm and a French pop vocal style.

“Mobali Naga” has a soukous rhythm with precisely flowing guitar and spirited vocal. The sax that shows up there also delivers a plaintive solo in the next track, a love song for Jesus that shares the beautiful tune of Ralph MacTell’s folk song “Streets of London.” Track 9 is slow, deliberate, stark, almost Celtic, with a long melodic line. The album closes with the bouncy, good-time “Djugumen,” Fely’s quicksilver vocals and spoken parts reminding me of Miriam Makeba.

De Zere Gnan is the perfect vehicle for you to persuade any disbelieving, unsophisticated, backward friends of two important facts that the rest of us know already, or have recently found out: 1) top models can be real people too, with actual talents, and 2) a musical amalgamation of influences and languages (world music, in other words) can be user-friendly, highly accessible and immediately enjoyable.
- Jahworks.org

"CD Review"

CityFlight Magazine
Oakland/San Francisco/San Jose
May 2004
Fely's CD Review
"De Zere Gnan"(homage to My Forefathers)by Fely (Felicite Tchaco)

If there is a sound that is synonymous with the music of Cote d'Ivoire today, it is the Mapouka. Its origins are said to come from the southwestern region of this West African country. Felicite Tchaco, affectionately called Fely by friends and fans, is not only a singin sensatins in her country, but tireless in her dedication to studying and performing virtually all forms of ther country's folklore.
Fely sings in various native languages of her country, Bete,Gouro, as well as French and English. Her new release reveals music that is eclectic and playful. "Mobali Nagai", an adaptation of a Congolese rumba, tells the story of a woman who has been betryed by her husband.
"Kuissia" is another rumba with a subtle Cuban song montuno arrangement. The song implies that if you have a gifted child, don't take them for granted, instead bless the child. The tilte track sends a message of peace to the people of Cote d'Ivoire to come together in peace to eradicate the hatred that has divided the country. "De Zere Gnan" is a breath of fresh air from the other African releases that we are used to here in the U.S.

Fely Possesses grat compositional skills and her arrangements and the use of gifted musicians, including Ze Mannel, render her modern African musical sensibilities truly accessible to American audiences.

By Emmanuel Nado.

- Emmanuel Nado


"Awareness" 2008 USA, Online worldwide

"De Zere Gnan" 2004 USA.

"Ode a l'Amour" 1998" EMI Cote d'Ivoire

"Amour Perdu 1996" EMI Cote d'Ivoire



Singer, songwriter, model, and fine artist, born Leye Felicite Tchaco known as "Fely Tchaco" is best kept secret from the San Fancisco Bay Area.

Fely's music style is a fusion of traditional Ivorian music, Jazz, Latin and Pop. Her unique sound is catchy and sticks to your head for a long time. Growing up, Fely has been influenced by French classical music, cuban and Pop. Her music bring a message of peace, love and joy.

In 2009, Fely had an honorary mentioned in the international songwriting competition for her song titled "Toilata" as one of the finalists.

Fely's band is composed of internationally renown musicians from various parts of the world, each bring a unique taste to the live show.

Fely's story is a novel, but to cut it short, let us focus on what she is doing at this moment, in trying to get back on her feet, release her new album and go on tour with her band.
Fely Tchaco is fun to watch on stage, she is a true performer, seeing her in her trance takes you deep into the mother Land.
You will be very thrilled to have her on your bill of acts in your venue or festival.