femi abosede and culture force afrobeat orchestra

femi abosede and culture force afrobeat orchestra


Afrobeat, funk sounds like fela kuti, james browm. Serious energy band. Five horns, 1 bass, 2 guitars, dancers. To watch femi abosede is an experience to witness a true entertaining artist one of, if not the best in his Genre.


Go to www.myspace.com/femiabosede or www.femiabosede.com influences are james brown, fela kuti, geraldo pino, cannon ball. The showmanship, music, energy and message is a lifetime experience to any one who is opportuned to see us perform. Serious afrobeat jazz loved by all.


No Compromise (album)
Yes I have tracks that have streaming and radioplay.... No compromise, Ololufe, Bata dance, african people, Emotion, Wonder morning, Nigerian Government

Set List

No compromise, Bata Dance, African people, Wonder morning, emotion, Nigerian government, Ololufe, Water no get enemy (Fela Kuti) or Army Arrangement (Fela Kuti)