Middleton, Wisconsin, USA

girl power!! we're a band that's inspired by strong women figures in music, such as joan jett, the runaways, heart, etc..


the lead singer and the keyboardist started the band because they thought it would be a great idea to start an all-girl band. we thought it would be very unique because there haven't been a whole lot of good all-girl bands, and we wanted to change that! we believe that girls have the power to rock! as we brainstormed about the different members we could have, we realized that there were very few female instrumentalists in our school that were not in just band. we found the guitarist first. ashle is like a mini-joan jett. last year at a talent show at our school, she sang a song called "sex and politics" which we thought was very cool. she immediately accepted being in the band. next, the keyboardist had a bassist friend, and she wanted to be in the band. we were excited about our forming band. the only problem thus far was finding a girl drummer. which is hard. the bassist in another band the lead singer is in has a friend whose sister is a GODDESS at every instrument. she played some drums for us and we immediately let her in.
we are influenced by the runaways, heart, joan jett, chrissie hynde, and ann wilson of heart. our music is mostly older music from the 70s, because most of the great rock songs are from that genre...back in the day there were girl bands, but they weren't as powerful as we could be now. we wanted to play some of their music to give them recognition, like the great song by the lesser-known lesley gore, "you don't own me."
we are unique from other bands because we are all girls and we dont have the traditional band lineup of just bass, drums, and guitar. we have a keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, and voice, which has a different sound from the typical rock band. we are trying to get out there and make something of ourselves before we go off to college. we also want to give people strong female icons, because those are missing in the age of lady gaga and britney spears.


we haven't released any cds but we do have some originals to put out there!

Set List

1) cherry bomb-the runaways
2)you don't own me-lesley gore
3)what if-an original by elizabeth wadium
4)walk like a zombie-horrorpops
5)the other side-an original by ashle quinn
6)heavy cross-the gossip

[we will be adding more songs to the setlist, don't worry!]