Femme Fatality

Femme Fatality

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Dark electronic pop from Los Angeles, CA.


Femme Fatality is an electronic pop band based in Los Angeles, CA. FF
assumed several incarnations since it's 2003 inception. The
contemporary lineup is a collaboration between instrumentalist Shane
Mongeau and group founder Bradley M Palermo. The two write, record, and
mix their own records. Upholding a DIY ethic, they elude influence from
the music industry at large.

The songs of Femme Fatality are dark in melody and focused on themes
of misdeeds and wrongdoing. Femme Fatality's instrumentation is based
heavily around the tonality of analog synthesizers. Mongeau and Palermo
hand craft their own unique synth patches, never resorting to factory
presets. Distorted guitars and acoustic drums are used for texture
(although sparingly).

Femme Fatality is authority when it comes to creating spectacle in
underground rock venues. Their relentless stage presence, tailored light
show and 5 piece live band raise the pulse of their shadowy melodies.
The current live line-up consists of Brady Leffler (synth), Jeff Meyer
(guitar), Shane Mongeau (synth/vocals), Bradley M Palermo
(vocals/synth), and Andrew Roberts (drums).


Octavia's Love Song

Written By: Femme Fatality

i'm a bad man from the wrong side of the tracks
i've got this burning desire and a favor to ask
i sing a different kind of love song
and by the look on your face you're going to play all my games

you see i've been keepin an eye on you (all night)
tell you that i will live and die for you (it's a lie)
cause back in the lou i'm doing this (all the time)
(all night)
(it's a lie)
(come on baby)
(live the life)

if you're coming from the damage group and you know just what to do (whew)
get your hand up
get your hand up
if your ready for the moment and the action's right in front of you
get your hand up
get your hand up
if you're a lovely lover and you're about to get with something new
get your hand up
get your hand up
and if i'm choosing you you've gotta show me all your favorite moves

you're a bad girl and there's no bringing you back
octavia's in town and he's on the attack
he sings a different kind of love song
and by the look on your face you're going to play all of his games

everybody got to do it
don't act like you see though it
oh god i just cant stop the sound
do they know that i have found

out little ones out out you must go
this makes no sense like miro
my town what went wrong
oh i'll pretend to go along

to keep what's left within me
it's been a long so long journey
to where that i that i may be tonight
disappear there is no light

Dirty Life

Written By: Femme Fatality

big city lights
we've got the blinds shut tight
we can keep our secrets here
we can talk on a table top mirror
we live a dirty life
but baby that's all right
we ain't got to worry about what we do
we keep it going as long as it feels good

we get fucked up and drive
we're loosing all our lives
we ain't got to worry bout what we do
problems aren't a problem come a little bit closer dear

i'm sexy, confident,
oh yeah i'm dangerous
so leave your boyfriend behind
tonight it's going to be us
when i come into town
i'm bringing nothing but love
i'm bringing nothing but thrills
i'm bringing nothing but drugs
a lady killer i am
but i wont kill you tonight
i'll show you how to keep up
i'll think you might do all right
bring that bottle of pills
cause whats yours in now mine
tonights the time of your life
and there wont be a next time

we get it we know what we want.
i'm going to show my creative side and tear you apart tonight.

New Phase

Written By: Femme Fatality

it's time to drop a change on the scene. we're taking to the street and we're armed with our beats.
a few already tried to stand in the way.
all they had were broken chords and nothing to say.

i said now..
come on have you not heard, this is the new phase
all the boys and the girls are going crazy
throw another hand in the air if you're with me
boys just want to be me
girls want to be with me

don't be upset. we brought the hammer down. we took st. louis to the ground now we're moving all around so shake your body on down to the floor and if i hear you begging then i'll give you some more.

new phase up in your space
new phase all over your face
the beat goes down when you set your drink down
next thing you know everybody in town is
all up and over on you
and you know just what to do
cause you haven't been listening to some indie kid
wishing that he hadn't just spent life in his room.
you dance and look so good.
just like a said you would.
you know, black chucks a must von dutch of bust, that shirt that you're wearing are you serious? NO
a dance party is going on, dont stop till the last song, ask me now, i'll see you later, monanani why you messing with that fader?

Baby Girl

Written By: Femme Fatality

i look her up and down
on the streets of the south town
all the boys, their heads, they turn
what she really wants she'll never learn
last night
she had a stranger in her bed again
(he had black hair he had wrist bands, kicking the converse not the timberlands)
he was the one for her she pretended
(indie jones dont mess with this, this girl's not worth the risk)
he pulls back, she brings him close because she knows just what to say.
(what'd she say?)
when you've said it so many time the meaning goes away.
(just a notch on a belt not even a name just another score in the queen betweens game)
she thinks she's going to be a star. she's going to use these boys to get real far. if i have things go my way...baby girl's going to die.

she looks me up and down on the streets of the south town
queen between thinks i'm just the same
but i knew her name and you best belive i knew her game
last night she had a stranger in her bed again.
(stranger? shit this guy looks familiar, it's me in the bed and i'm going to have to kill her)
felt so good, but i had to break the trend
(sold out like a title bout with don king in the corner looks like baby girls going to need a heart donor)
for baby girl it was a perfect day to repent.
now femme fatality make her pay for her sins.

i'm not the type of player that holla's cause i want head
i am the type of player that holla's cause i want her dead

that's right dead is what i said, dead as in red as in the color of blood shed more sexy than right said mother fuckin fred baby girl kept pushing i had to go ahead she had it coming to her i took her out in her bed she said "give it to me baby" so i filled her with lead and said...

Dr. K

Written By: Femme Fatality

adderall darvocet i'll take what i can get
percecet alcohol dont worry i'll mix them all
codeine morphine i love amphetamines
oxycontin vicodin i cant wait to begin

hey dr. k what do you say
i need some pills and i need them today
i know you've got bills to pay
so write that prescription and i'm on my way
so never mind those men in the FDA


Never Had A Daddy- CD LP Collective Records recorded/released 2004

Track List:
1.Octavia's Love Song
2. Dirty Life
3. Dance or Die
4. Baby Girl
5. Scenster Trash Love Job pt. 1
6. New Phase
7. Dr. K
8. Scenster Trash Love Job pt. 2
9. Fashion Victim

Pretty Mess - Single - 7" Vinyl- Stickfigure Records recorded/released 2007

Track List:
Side A: Pretty Mess
Side B: XXX Arcade

One's Not Enough- CD LP Stickfigure Records recorded/released 2008

Track Listing:

1. Introduction
2. Lucky Lover
3. Bullet Train
4. Come On, Come Out
5. Still Alive
6. Connections
7. One's Not Enough
8. Pretty Mess
9. Yay & Alize
10. Don't Kill For Me
11. Bar Fly
12. Win, Lose, Die

One's Not Enough (Remixed)- CD LP Stickfigure 2009
Track Listing:
1. Femme Fatality vs. Polarized Mind - Don't Kill For Me
2. Femme Fatality vs. Hyperbubble (Come On, Come Out)
3. Femme Fatality vs. Hyperbubble (Lucky Lover)
4. Femme Fatality vs. Ebon (Connections - Melinda's Mix)
5. Femme Fatality vs. Chubby Cox (Don't Kill For Me)
6. Femme Fatality vs. La Dolce Vita (Lucky Lover)

"Typical" - Digital Single
Recorded/Released 2010
Track Listing:
1. Typical

Set List

Femme Fatality sets generally run between 25-90min depending on the situation.

current set list...
Dirty Life
Lucky Lover
One's Not Enough
Pretty Mess
Fashion Victim
Unbeliveable (EMF cover)
Octavia's Love Song
Yay And Alize
Dr. K
Dance Or Die