Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds


4 Piece band from the foot of mt.Snowdon, We enjoy gigging in vavious venues around the country! All of our songs are written by our lead singer Caz Ginsberg! We Formed in february 2011 and recieved airplay on NATIONAL Radio before even leaving the bedroom Studio!


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''Strike Me Down by Carwyn Ginsberg (AKA The Fennel Seeds) sounds like a song tailor-made for the radio. It's already good enough to be a hit – it reminded me a bit of Nirvana in places as well, but it sounded original which is always what you're looking for.'' ..

Badly Drawn Boy/The Guardian

Once again, Fennel Seeds confirm that there has to be something rather special in the water streaming down Mount Snowdon. Based a stone’s throw away from one of Britain’s busiest mountains, here’s a glimpse of great things to come from a band already championed by the likes of Tom Robinson and Badly Drawn Boy. Tracks like I’m A Traitor and Crab Kicker betray immense grit and junkyard swagger, like the jagged consolidation of Nirvana and The Strokes. Add to this a palpable aptitude for musical texture and lyrical subtext and it’s clear Fennel Seeds could be something very special.

The MinatureMusic Press

Fennel Seeds excel, whether they want to recognise it or not, in grunge power-pop play. Vocalist Carwyn Ginsberg does share a similar register with that of Kurt Cobain and the music does venture into the same quiet/loud dynamics that made The Pixie so endearing, but that’s only part of the action. Debut download single “Strike Me Down” lines up a neat bait and switch, a seemingly straight-up acoustic track that unfolds with full band and neat chiming guitar work at the chorus. Delving into their soundcloud demos, you’ll see this the grunge tag isn’t entirely representative, but watch out when becoming the Welsh Kings Of Leon…

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