Feral Catz

Feral Catz

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The Feral Cartz may be the best band you never heard of. Purveyors of original Midwest Blues-a-Billy Jam-Rock, penned with an infectious and engaging energy. The Catz material, while infused with the ethos of every day life and love, still challenges their limits. In one word or less: fun!


Hailing from the oft frozen shores of Lake Michigan, the the Feral Catz rely on the singer-songwriter and guitar wielding duo of Woody Bergholz and Wiley Wright, musical partners for the past 17 years. Together with the well seasoned and muscular rhythm section of Earl and Threeem, the Catz will put a jump in your step and a tap in your toe. At times familiar, and at times an enigmatic contradiction of hot and cool, hard and soft, refined and raw, the Midwestern Blues-a-Billy Jam-Rock music the Catz produce is just plain fun.


Slow to Develop, Indy release, 2008

Plausible Deniability, Indy release, 2010