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Blessed by our Father... Fueled by the Holy Ghost.... The ultimate source of Gospel Hip-Hop. Definitly a Saint that will help us move from Tradition into Revelation. An inspiration that will help us touch our younger Saints. You don't want to miss the new arrival of "GodsChild Muzik"


FERB was born in Brooklyn NY. At the age of 14 he met Prince Paul DJ for the only Hip-Hop Band of 1987. Always influenced by Music FERB decided that he wanted Paul to help him develope his Production skills. After several years FERB found himself being called to God. After being saved He knew his calling was to touch the younger saints and to help bring them closer to God by using the music ministry. FERB's Style of Music and his Delivery of Gospel text in his music seperates him far from those that are in the catagory of Gospel Hip-Hop. His sounds will move you into the spirit as well as give you knowledge in the biblical. Truley amazing is the only way to descibe the experience. This child of God is truly blessed.


BRO. FERB is currently working on his first project which will be called "THA'MOVEMENT". The album is characterized as being taken on a spiritual Journey through everyday life. Some of the singles will be "Time 4 Church", "Nobody can do me like Jesus" and "Hear my Prayer Lord".