ferdinand fox

ferdinand fox


Ferdinand Fox is a powerful and energetic band with multiple musical personalities and the showmanship of a band that knows what playing live is all about. Original music spanning and mixing rock, hip hop and music without genres.


Ferdinand Fox is the band you never forget.

Manifesting musical magic and crafting creative concerts is what Ferdinand Fox fights for.

Our mission is simple: search out an audience and blow them away.

We craft only the finest music at the Foxhole (our secret lair). Made from the freshest ingredients in rock, hip hop and soul.


the Grouch

Written By: ferdinand fox

i got a spider in my shoe
i got a dagger in my throat
i got a little boy thats blue and a crocodile moat.
i got wicked witch's warnings for my hot december mornings.
i got a bad headache.
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.
you got a feverish grin
you got a dehydrated cactus
you got a shark tooth and a fin
you married medical malpractice
you got a whino in your spine and a thirst for turpentine.
you gotta you gotta you gotta
quit while your ahead.
oh, oh no i told you so
oh, oh no why scold you slow?
they got a killer caterpillar
they got a garden full of grease
they got a chest of broken rubies they got a cure but no disease
they got worms in all their apples
they got a pocket full of shrapnel
they got they got they got they got you and me.

New Home

Written By: Francisco Fox

Oh its always a mystery
why we can't be where we wanna be
we keep on travellin'
we keep unravellin'
new things, new things

Why is it the best of me
feels like a refugee with no place left to be
we keep on prayin'
that we'll be stayin' in a
new home, where we can

Maybe we should all just quit
before were sick of it but the wick is still lit so
we keep on learnin'
while were still burnin'
so bright, so bright

Better we keep our eyes open
than be blindly hopin' wishin' on a token
we search through wind and snow
throughout Chicago
oh no , oh no


A Peppermint Gun that shoots Rays of Hope - 2004
The Fox EP - 2005
Mixed business - 2006
GHOSTS - 2006
Loose Wires - 2008

Ferdinand fox has also been featured on numerous college radio stations such as WLUW, WZRD, WJMU and on multiple internet radio shows.

check us out on myspace for other available music.

Set List

Ferdinand Fox generally plays a 45 minute set of sonic bliss and excitement.