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The best kept secret in music


"PlayBluesGuitar.Com By Dave Rubin"

"Fernando Jones has been on a Blues crusade in Chicago since his college days in the mid-1980s. He has produced a play, I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot, authored a book with the same title, written Blues poetry, produced Blues shows, is a Blues educator and leads his own Blues band. Stranded is his latest self-produced CD and it shows that the singer, composer, guitarist, bassist and Blues harpist can indeed "walk the walk." The 12 original tunes, along with a video for "How Many Times," cover a range of Blues, R&B and soul styles. The title track is an atmospheric medium tempo, funky minor key Blues where Jones croons a lover's lament and then adds a sharp-edged solo and fills as counterpoint.

Jones is totally dedicated to playing, promoting and promulgating Blues. He is to be encouraged and lauded for his efforts."

- March 2005 (Premier Issue)

"Chicago Defender"

I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot is a wonderful treatment of the musical style of Blues singers, writers, and instrumentalists. An exciting guitarist, provides a vivid exposure of the generation of musicians who expressed the love and trials of African Americans who were the blue collar workers, and on weekends enjoyed life to its fullest. He makes it apparent that younger generations of African Americans are aware of and appreciative of the contributions of B.B. King, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, and others. He speaks eloquently in his book about the music and lives of men who experienced the nitty gritty of life. - by Earl Calloway

"University of Illinois at Chicago"

"I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot reflects the visions and commitments of a young Black male to his roots. Fernando Jones inherited the Blues as a musical expression, philosophy, and culture. His book displays his love for Blues in its grittiness as well as its lyrical celebration of life. At a time when many young Blacks suffer from historical amnesia, Jones in I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot links himself with the aspirations of his group in a language tough enough and wholesome enough to do justice. I am sure his words, observations, insights, reflections, and analysis will broaden the appreciation of Blues." - Professor Sterling D. Plumpp

"University of Illinois at Chicago"

"Embedded in the Blues are the multiple voices of the African American experience. Along with the spirituals and Gospel they provide the cultural blueprint for living out the duality of our lives. The Blues can make you cry and make you feel good at the same time. The great Blues Masters featured in this book understand this cultural message. The recognition granted by this young researcher and author to these great musicians for their contributions is long overdue." - Grace Holt, Professor Emeritus of Black Studies

"Chicago Sun-Times"

“African American history shouldn't be confined to the back pages of dusty tomes. Fernando Jones is a scholar of the streets, and he brings the same keen insights to his writings that he does to his music. No ivory tower scholar could deliver such an urgent message with this simple eloquence and common sense. Jones makes a compelling argument here, supported by the anecdotal contributions of some of the most brilliant observers of the American experience.” - Jeff Johnson

"Principal at Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative School, Chicago"

“Fernando, your anthology of the Blues has been an inspiration and open door for the teachers and students of my school. It has been a ‘bridge over troubled waters’ for our young children and adolescents. Prior to your workshops, many of them had not known or been able to express their psychological and social pains in an acceptable manner. Your gift to us has been immeasurable.” - Judith Adams

"Blues Legend & Grammy Award winner"

"You are one in a million that's trying to get to the bottom of the barrel on the Blues. That's good!"

- Buddy Guy

"Newsweek Magazine"

"It's a great help when you find such a knowledgeable source."

- Patricia King

"Blues Legend and Mentor"

"Keep the Blues goin'."
- Willie Dixon


Whodoyuvoodu (Mysoundworx)

Stranded (Mysoundworx / Dude Records)

I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot (Mysoundworx)

The Slaves Eat First (Mysoundworx)



Fernando Jones, a self-taught musician, is one of the most complete Bluesmen of his generation in the world. From books to films, from sound recordings to theatre productions, his contributions to the Blues have been paramount. However, he began performing, playing the guitar, and writing songs when he was four years old. Jones has been called a Renaissance man.

Jones has been recognized and celebrated by his peers and the press as being on the "cutting edge" of the Blues. This young man added new blood and a new perspective to the legacy of the Blues and its culture. As a composer, he has taken great pride in performing his original works publicly to help insure the evolutionary development of this musical movement. He is always lobbying for the proper recognition of this indigenous African-American art form and its people.

While refuting the many negative stereotypes that haunt this music, Jones is on a mission to show people the joy and beauty through academic implementations, lectures, and concert performances throughout the world. As a result, Jones' hands were photographed by National Geographic Magazine.

His book, I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot, has been used as a resource by the likes of Newsweek, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, and Living Blues Magazine. TV and radio stations suc0h as ABC, the BBC, CBS, CLTV, NBC, WTTW, and WGN have celebrated him for his playing style and unique perspective on the status of Black music in America also.

As a playwright and actor, Jones received critical acclaim from the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, UIC Alumni Magazine, and received Jefferson and Black Theatre Alliance Award nominations. Fernando has been asked by Columbia College to teach and pilot their Blues Ensemble course. Sessions will begin fall 2005.

Fernando Jones is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He's also a proud member of the National Alliance of Black School Educators and the Chicago Area affiliate - CAABSE; Real Men Cook; the American Federation of Musicians (Local 10-208); Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) as a songwriter & publisher; the Chicago Blues Festival Planning Committee, and founder of Blues Kids of America with endorsements from: Fender Musical Instruments; Dean Markley Strings & Electronics; Jim Dunlop Guitar Picks & Accessories; Guitar Center.