Fern Hill

Fern Hill


Fern Hill was formed in late spring of 2005 as a three piece indie rock band, though officialy formed in spirng of 2005 the members have played together since 2002 and dont plan on stoping anytime soon.


Fern Hill is not just a band, but a story, a story of a group of friends who learned how to breath in a house on top of a small slope, on fern hill road, when you get down to the music, it is writen not only emotionaly, but honestly. "If I were to write some song about your life, or about how great my life is going, when in fact its not, than my songs would be nothing more than lies, very simaler to the lies sung to you by brittany spears, or ashlee simpson, wear we difer from pop music, or most music for that matter, is in our honesty" says Danny Hodges (vocals/guitar) of the rock group Fern Hill, " the truth is, we're not the first to sing honestly, and we're most sertainly not the best..so why should you give us a chance? because our heart is in what we do, a few weeks back I was about ready to call it quits when I thought we were going to try to conform to somthing we're not, just to be in the scean and get signed, but then I relized, none of us could ever do that, I want my heart to shine through in my vocals, and in the way I play guitar, and I know the rest of the band feels the same about there preformance, thats the only real reson for you to give us a chance, and thats all we want."


Sunny Days Demo Winter 06'
1. Sunny Days
2. Kissing Target
3. Speaking of Honesty

Atlanta EP 04'

Set List

We typicly play an Opening set or a Headliner Set the current list of songs are...

1.Speaking Of Honesty
3.Kissing Target
4.99' Alive
5.Catch 22'

1. Prelude
2. Speaking Of Honesty
3. Catch 22'
4. Atlanta
5. Hope you make it home
6. Born an Angel
7. Kissing Target
8. Consistency
9. Tradewinds
10. November
11.99' Alive
12.Sunny Days