The song LITTLE SPARROW was written for a friend whose young brother fell to his death whilst climbing The Remarkables in New Zealand.


I am a composer. I live on a mountain in the Southern Highlands,NSW, with 4 cows, 3 dogs and a piano.


Little Sparrow

Written By: Stephen Fearnley

Flying away from home
To a land of strangers
They found you somewhere
On a shore of a distant sea
Nobody knew just how you got there
Except a little bird
Said you flew before you fell

There was no one there
To grieve your lifetime
But a life you said was just a game
we’ve all forgot
I don’t recall reading the papers
Its like some illusion
Where your heart breaks all the same

So don’t you cry little sparrow
Don’t you feel the pain is real
Its just the way we have chosen
And the tears that fall
Are just another rainy day

Trying to break this day into some meaning
Then there’s the night time
When your face returns to say :
“I am the love that your still feeling
Its all a delusion for I have not gone away”