A musical and lyrical fuse between Classical and Rock Arena style music that feels intimate with its audience. Music that inspires through strong melodies and powerful progressions


Music should be more than noise; it should be an experience of auditory color splashes of harmonies and melodies that give meaning to what would otherwise just be words. When an artist comes along with the right mix of passion, creative energy and lyrical flair, a poetic spirit takes life. Fero is one such band.

A synergetic force of instrumental and vocal talent, Quinn who performs under the name Q in a band called Fero has already carved out a reputation for sonic excellence. Quinn moved out to California a little over 4 years ago making his way through the clubs scene with bands, until one day he decided he could do it it on his own. The day came when he sat down with long time friend and began to write what would become the first six tracks of Fero's first EP.

With an eclectic repertoire that covers an array of musical genres, such as Classical, Rock, and Pop and due to its broad appeal to audiences and enduring artistic quality, it is clear the direction and grandeur vision of Fero - which credits groups such as U2, Muse, and Radiohead as musical inspirations. Fero is building a credible name for itself that is opening doors to a successful future.



Written By: Quinn Webb, Bobby Schuller

Rise up it’s a new day

Colour and culture intertwine

Searching for pleasure underneath

From a pull of gravity

Who will say I’m the one

Can you believe what I’ve become

Can you hear the crowd I’m bringing

Rising where the saints are singing

Hey hey hey, aahhahah

I’ll look no further here

Hustle and bustle driving mad

Shining out smiles and masking life

Through the dark you’ll see the light

They will see and hear and know my name

Conquered the death stole and broke the chains

There’s nothing that we fear, so

Lift you voices loud and clear

Hey hey hey ahahahaha

You know why not places out oh oh

You find not places back oh no

You tell my places out,

My place is out,

My place is out,

My place is out.

Hey hey hey ahahahaha


Fero self-titled