Ferona Vei

Ferona Vei


“We're just a band that's making it work, by customizing the basics of rock and roll."


Coming from all sides of the great Ventura county, Ferona Vei is a band that has begun to stick out in the Southern Calironia music scene. Since early 2004, they have been dialing in their big rock sound with nothing but the greatest care, by simply customizing the basics of Rock and Roll.

In June of 2005 the band's hard work and endless self recordings finally paid off. DoughMain Records immediatly showed intrest in the bands last demo, and offered the band a great deal to come and be a part of their family. In Oct 2005, Ferona Vei began recording their first EP with DoughMain Records. The album, which is entitled 'Diary of a Stone Romantic', has been set to release on Feb 7, 2006.

Ferona Vei's main message in their music is life, love, and the lack there of. With lyrics describing everything from one night stands and to long distance romance, to divorce, this is a band with more than just catchy guitar riffs and punchy drums. But don't you worry...Their new EP, is packed full of dueling guitar solos, and drum and base parts that will make anyone want to tap their foot.

Be on the look out for this band. Since their start just 2 years ago, they have gained a respectable momentum. Nothing but good things are being predicted for this group of lovable fellows from the streets of VC.


"The EP" (October 2004)
Love Juice Labs
Riverside CA
Currently on purevolume.com/feronavei

1. Misguidance (Free My Perception)
2. Goodbye
3. For The Last Time
4. Silent Kiss
5. Speak (Acoustic)

"Studio Demo" (June 2004)
Love Juice Labs
Riverside, CA

1. For The Last Time
2. Silent Kiss
3. As To Why
4. Speak

"The Processed Demo" (Jan 2004)
Moving Up Productions

1. Speak
2. Revolutions
3. Muted
4. Danny's Song

Exhibit 1 (March 2005)

1. Come What May
2. Silent Kiss
3. Speak
4. Love Expired

Diary of a Stone Romantic (Feb 2006)
DoughMain Records

1. Long and Hard
2. Lament
3. Chasin Doxies
4. Take me Away
5. Can't Believe
6. Come What May

Set List

1. Can't Believe
2. Take Me Away
3. Chasin Doxies
4. Long and Hard
5. Lament
6. Come What May

Set Time: 35-40 Minutes