Fertile Soil

Fertile Soil

 Ringwood, New Jersey, USA

Stemming from a drug induced comatose, Fertile Soil is a folk rock/alternative project that celebrates what it means to be a musician. Through heavy use in personal influences, Filip Deptula and Sam Gautier have created a sound of their own.


Son of two Polish immigrants and raised in Botany Village, Clifton, NJ, Filip's music styles his personal experiences, struggles, and accomplishments. Sam Gautier, a drummer with perfect pitch, comes from a long line of musicians, and carries out the Gautier name. Together, poetry and music mix to form Fertile Soil



Written By: Filip Deptula

We walk around the streets like blind men,
too dumb to see the sky,
too deaf to hear the birds sing,
to stupid to realize paradise,
We walk through these streets weekly,
seeing what man has built,
never a moment's wonder or ponder,
we destroy the earth's quilt,
Eden is a Biblical community,
to tell us the place of right,
little do we already know,
we already live in paradise,
Perturbation is brought by man,
wrong choices is how it begins,
seeing heroes die for their heroine,
While my heroes die of heroin,

Because Paradise is never wrong,
It's just another stepping stone
It's too large to understand,
But too small that it slips though the grasps of our hands,

There's no need for patience,
Because the time will pass,
Paradise's love is enduring,
but your mind it will surpass,
Paradise is perennial,
No one can destroy it,
It's not land you buy or take,
It's what you make of it,


Chorus x2