Bromma, Stockholm, SWE

FestiByn is a swedish balkaninspired partyworldmusik brassband influenced by reggae, rock, bel canto, and mambo.


As a response to the growing electrification of today’s society, and music in speciality, Clarinet player Andil Dahl formed the group “Festibyn” (English translation would be something like “Sticky village”). Deeply rooted in the Oriental Clarinetto tradition, but still versatile, Dahl´s vision was to play Ancient Eastern music in a new and different way. He soon realized that this was a mission that only could be attained by engaging musicians from different frontlines. However, the first man to be contacted was his long time friend, the Velvet Voiced Trombone Player Jesper Thörn. Thörn has been Chanting since young age, so he obviously plays that roles in Festibyn too (Chanting and Tromboning). It showed out to be difficult to find the one note musicians needed to pull the heavy load of making the Clarinetto melodies sound like real music. A line of musicians auditioned for the band, none of them wanted to stay. But when Trumpet Player and Mysticist Kaspar Druml was called to audition and brought with him Trombone Player Marco Regazzoni, the so much needed Jericho Style Horns were found. Both of them were presently on the run from the Tribal Banda and saw a safe haven in Festibyn. Mr Regazzoni and the Druml stayed and accepted the tiresome parts they were addressed, well aware of the alternative…. Being naïve and desperate, Mr Regazzoni contacted his friends, Freestyle Saxophonist Sven-Ingvar Ahlin and Tenor Saxman Greger Lindeberg to help out in the rhythmic middle frequencies, which they did not. Being Reed Players, they obviously took Dahl´s side and started playing melodies. The band was struggling with constant fining and lacked proper training and dining. But when the athlete and researcher Dr. Håkan Selg came along to play the Tuba, good things finally started to happen. By giving the band tons of scientific heaviness and structure, Dr. Selg made Festibyn legit. The group was now allowed to play in public! This was a turning point, making it easier to integrate new musicians: The Trumpet player Erik Palmberg, who with his enormous musicality plays an important part as “the sad one”. Adrian Holmström, in the civil life being a Pianist, even asked to play with the group. He was given a Valve Basson to support himself, Druml and Regazzoni. Adrian also plays the counterpart role, logically named “the happy one”. On one of their early concerts, Festibyn merged with a choir during a spiritual meeting. The choir leader Lady Sara impressed all members of the group with her deep and strong voice. Ever since, she has been helping Thörn with the singing by sharing vocal karisma. The sadness child of Festibyn has always been the rhythmic section. Several talented drummers and percussionists have played in the group, but even though they received lots of flattering they could not stay for longer. Presently, Beat Batterist Niclas and Art Percussion Player Mariwan Omar are held hostage by the group, and EVERYONE is hoping they will never be released.


FestiByn-FestiByn 2010