Fetish Doll

Fetish Doll


Dubbed "The Deadliest Band In The World"


Hailing from the unlikely musical hotbed of Toledo Ohio, Fetish Doll raises the standard for rock in the new millennium. Loved or hated, but never ignored, this is a band that commands attention! The music is not subtle. Instead, it slams into your chest, shatters your rib-cage, and imbeds itself in your heart.

Dubbed "The Deadliest Band in the World", and hailed as such by those who know, Fetish Doll gives every impression of living up to that reputation. This collective strength is born from the chemistry between its individual members. There is no denying that something big has emerged from the shores of Lake Erie...

Driving music, powerful vocals and mind-altering hooks merge to create a sound that is as fresh as it is familiar. Fetish Doll has already been featured in 2 movie soundtracks; Hell Asylum (Tempe Home Video/DVD) and Shut Eye (Covert Creative Group). Their video for THE WORM, done in conjunction with Tempe Home Video, is currently receiving national airplay on independent cable stations throughout the US and in the UK. And when your ears are exposed to the growling vocals and crushing rhythms of songs such as MUSHROOM MAN, GLOW, and NOTHING, you will begin to understand the appeal of the band. Their latest demo, “VILE”, is grabbing industry attention without ever having seen the inside of a recording studio.

The philosophy is simple; feed the groove, be brutally honest, and be undeniable. Surviving eyewitness reports confirm the group’s live performance is truly devastating. Recently, and as the featured event, Fetish Doll played in front of a hometown crowd of nearly 2000, a feat that many nationals have not accomplished at Toledo’s largest concert club venue, "Headliners". On a whim, the band decided to enter an annual “University of Toledo’s Battle of the Bands”. They emerged victorious as the University’s “Band of the Year”, no small feat considering a student population of nearly 40,000 and over 100 contenders representing a mix of musical genres.


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