Baldwin Park, California, USA

Inspirational and will greatly contribute to humanity.


Feu is a Los Angeles based band with numerous ambient influences as well as rock, such as Keane, Mute Math, Coldplay, Explosions in The Sky, A Fine Frenzy, U2, Muse, Imogen Heap, Snow Patrol, Paper Route etc.

With Jeremy Logeot on piano and vocals, Christopher Lopez on guitar, Eddie Padilla on bass, and Nelson Aguilar on drums; This band packs a powerful punch with music full of inspiration, uplifting harmonies, catchy riffs, ambiance, and great stage performance. It is no wonder why people flock to their shows and sing along to many of their songs.

Jeremy, born and raised in Mons, Belgium, re-accounts how the name came to be, "We were dining in at our local IHOP, discussing on a name change because our previous name was 'Seeking Pandora' at the time and we finally decided it was time for a new one. We were just throwing out words and mixing them with one another. It eventually came down to two words, 'Feu' meaning fire in French and 'Vie' meaning life. The band and me eventually decided on 'Feu' because it was also a play on words, a few group of people creating something great."

Feu initially came to be when Christopher and Jeremy met in high school of 2005. They were in various bands together during their early years but learned the many hardships of members coming and going. Through these tough times the two realized they had the same musical interests, ideas, and goals. It was only a matter of time until they could find their newly committed band members Eddie Padilla and Nelson Aguillar. Eddie had known Nelson since the third grade and it was not until their Freshmen year of 2004 that the two had formed their band. They too dealt with the same exact hardships of what Christopher and Jeremy went through.

It was not until Eddie got an internship in live sound that he would meet Jeremy in the summer of 2009. From there on out, Feu would officially come together and with all members having the same goals and interests, their music will be taken to great heights.


In Multi Colors EP
2.Beautiful Lullaby
3.The Last Thought
4.Fall The Rain
5.Another World
6. All That I Can Do
7.In Multi Colors

Unstoppable (Album)
1. On S'en Va
2. Believe
3. All That I Can Do
4. Desire
5. Another World
6. Beautiful Lullaby
7. Right Here
8. Poetic Journal
9. Picture and Goodbyes
10. The Crave
11. In Multi Colors
12. The Last Thought
13. Unstoppable
14. No Worries

Set List

Feu's energetic stage performances along with its inspirational, catchy, ambient, uplifting music can captivated audiences anywhere. Their sets can go from 30 minutes to well over 1hour.


1. All That I Can Do
2. Believe
3. The Crave
4. Unstoppable
5. Desire
6. Right Here
7. Beautiful Lullaby
8. No Worries
9.Break Down
10.You're Still Here
11.Queen's Last Words
12.Another World