Lafayette, Louisiana, USA


Deathbed ballads meet glockenspiels and omnichords. Cajun French choruses are written on iPhones. Indie-rock vibes invade Acadian archives.

Welcome to the world of Feufollet, a band both deeply rooted in the francophone soil of Louisiana and pushing boldly into unexplored yet utterly natural varieties of Cajun experience. Though famous for their renditions of heartbreaking songs and rollicking tunes, the quintet breaks new ground on En Couleurs (their 5th release) featuring originals that draw on deep roots tempered by a cutting edge of contemporary life.

Feufollet has been performing worldwide since its founders were pre-teens, their considerable musical talent evolving into prodigious instrumental and vocal skills. Now in their early twenties, they are already seasoned veterans, with an original and mature sound.


Belle Louisiane
Tout en Beau Soir
Cow Island Hop
En Couleurs
The Color Sessions