Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

"Downright radical... Feufollet's innovations only bring out the ache and gumption of Cajun music" - New York Times
"A new generation of musicians are embracing their roots in Acadiana, but none with the rock n' roll edge of Feufollet" - Garden & Gun
"[En Couleurs] is one of the most beautifully melodic albums I've heard all year" - Elvis Costello


Although Feufollet has often been hailed as the future of Cajun music, a more current assessment must admit that they are now the present of Cajun music. Once idolized at at early age for their precocious musicianship and sent all over the world as youthful emblems of Acadianas cultural resurgence, the members of Feufollet have, in the meantime, grown into the music as adults. While Feufollet remains central to the neotraditionalist brush fire they helped ignite as youths, their latest albums find the band coming into its own and pushing the envelope, leading the way once again as Cajun music extends itself into a new century. 


Cow Island Hop (2008)
En Couleurs (2010)
Color Sessions with Brass Bed (2011)
Feufollet (to be released Spring of 2014)