Fevah Dream

Fevah Dream

 Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Welcome Friends!!
Fevah Dream is all about good times, rockin' face, and happy bartenders!
We're New England grown, and no gig is too large or too small. A five piece characterized as everything from Blues Traveler to Steve Miller Band, we're ready to make your venue the main event!


Welcome Friends,

We are an energetic, outrageously entertaining, and experienced five piece rock band, and we are putting a fresh spin on unique covers, and busting out our own original sound to bring the nightly entertainment to you!!

But wait a minute, doesn’t every band say they're the best? What’s different about you?

Glad you asked. Here’s what we’re about: Good Times, Rockin' Face, Happy Bartenders, and Above All Else, Keeping Folks in the Door!!!

Best friend of bachelorette parties, college folk, the drinking crowd, and anyone else looking for a good time , we're able to mix it up every night with reggae, rock, college radio, country, and pop. Energy and crowd participation are what fuels the fun, and we have an arsenal of ultra smooth originals and killer covers to keep you dancing all night long!

Have you grown tired of hearing “Sweet Caroline?” No worries here friend, we’ll let that other band play it.

You want to play the tambourine with us? You want to sing along to your favorite song? Well, come on over to the stage!!!

This isn’t a cover band in the far corner, this is an event, and so help us, you’re going to have fun!! (really).

Over the years, we've packed 'em in tight at some of New England's BEST night spots, and we’re looking for even more!! The 2011 calendar is filling up fast, so booking waaaay in advance is strongly advised.

Let's whip a mule's ass with a belt!

Rock on Friends!



Gripes, Grooves, and Grandeur (2006)

* Upcoming CD release Winter 2010 (stay tuned!!!)

Set List

FEATURING (in no particular order)

Fevah Dream
The Allman Brothers
Blues Traveler
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Johnny Cash
Garth Brooks
Dr. Dre
Neil Young
Bob Marley
ZZ Top
Men at Work
Pink Floyd
The Kings of Leon
and waaaaay more!!!!