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Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"Live Review: Fevah Dream at The Catwalk Bar and Grille"

Live Review: Fever Dream @ The Catwalk Bar & Grille- 1/28/06
Story and Photos by Paul Sanguinetti southcoast247.com correspondent
I walked into a crowded Catwalk Bar this previous Saturday to check out a band called Fever Dream. Being a big fan of live music, I thought that I had heard of the majority of local bands, but this one was new to me. I was curious to see what these guys had to offer.
As I made my to the bar for my beverage I had to bob and weave through a relatively thick crowd. The place was packed and a bunch of people were up front by the stage getting their groove on. The six-piece band, which hails from New Bedford, was clearly having a good time on stage, and you could hear it in the music. I dug the vibe as I sipped my brew and mingled with the pack. I was impressed with their clean sound, tight playing, and good stage presence. Fever Dream was in control the whole evening and one could tell that all those in attendance were feeling it.
Fever Dream started when a group of friends at Umass Dartmouth got together and starting playing music together. They've been playing as a band for over three years now, and about seven months in its current state. Their lineup:

"The Machine" Jesse Green- Harmonicas, Vocals, Conga
Zach Khan (Zackakahn)- Lead Guitar
Mike Lee- Bass
Jimmy Quinn- Drums
Brendan Hodge- Keys
Matt Schricker- Rhythm Guitar/ Lead Vocals

Fever Dream has been jamming the Boston-Providence-South Coast- scenes for some time now, with the majority of their shows in the Providence Area. The band plays mostly originals- an important step for a group trying to separate themselves from being just a typical bar cover band. I wouldn't worry too much. This band clearly has their own sound that audiences seem to respond well to. "The Machine" Jesse Green wailed out some mean harmonica while Zach Kahn played a nice lead with a pure yet gritty tone. Therhythm section (including the keys) all did well in creating a musical symbiosis that did well on the ears and was easy to move to. Some fans say their sound is reminiscent of Dave Matthews. I would say its just good straight up rock mixed with the soul of funk and the blues. Nonetheless, I found myself getting down with the rest.
By the end of the night the band started to work in a few covers like Men at Work's 'Land Down Under' and Tommy Tutone's '867-5309 (Jenny)'. I almost forgot I was at a bar and instead at a party with good friends, good music, and good drinks. (Oh, yeah, and girls too.) I guess Fever Dream has a way of letting the good times roll.
Fever Dream has been recently recording quite heavily and will be putting out an album by this spring. They've recorded over 30 songs. The best of these will be featured on their upcoming release.
If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Fever Dream play, I recommend checking them out, I'm sure you'll have a good time. On February 10th they'll be hosting the Cupid Basher's Ball at the Century Lounge, a tradition started at Umass Dartmouth, but now carried on by the band since Umass stopped hosting it.
After the show I got to talk to Jesse and Matt for a little while. They were both real laid back guys without any egos. I talked to them about the group for a moment. Matt said they were "just having fun" and "trying to go where the music takes them." Not a bad philosophy if you ask me.

Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/feverdreamband#ixzz0xum6ERw5
- Southcoast247.com

"Good Grooves"

Good Grooves
Fever Dream heats up; Zawadi’s heady soul stew
By BOB GULLA | June 27, 2006

For many reasons, much great music is created in the darker recesses of the mind, where dreariness, despondence, and desolation rule. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be the case. Music needn’t always reside in the shadows — just ask Brian Wilson, who dipped into both sides of his psyche for material. Anyway, Fever Dream, the formerly UMass students now based in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, prefer to sing primarily about the good stuff — the sunny side of the street, the optimism, Ian Dury’s “reasons to be cheerful.” And on their new album, Gripes, Grooves, and Grandeur, they let a little light shine down on the dark process of making music. “Bands today have largely ignored the brighter, more joyous side of the human experience,” the band writes. “We try to represent feelings of happiness and fun.”
The band sure comes through on that MO. Songs such as the affable opening tune “High Kid with a Dream” and “My Dog” are the kind of rockin’ boogies that lift you off your feet with good vibes, the kind of tunes you’d expect from a bunch of besotted, BoSox-capped buddies. In the past I referred to the band as a cross between the rootsy groove rock of Blues Traveler (largely because of the presence of a harmonica) and the jammin’ grooves of the Chili Peppers. Well, there’s less rhythmic funkiness this time out. The band has opted for a more rootsy rocking jangle, a la Steve Miller, with melodic chords, a bluesy feel, and a muscular rhythm section. The band is solid in a loose kinda way, proficient but not over the top, and its performances complement the songwriting, which is shaggy with just the right intentions. Fever Dream is not about specific songs — it’s about a feel, a good time, and entertainment. Yeah, sometimes the songs don’t hit all the right notes, and sometimes their work is more a good idea, more jam motifs, than an actual realization (“Secrets,” “Hurry Man”). But four years after coming together, the band has turned a good time into an art form, and they should be commended for it.
FEVER DREAM + JAZZ BASTARDS | Century Lounge, 150 Chestnut St, Providence | June 30 | 401.751.2255

- The Providence Phoenix

"Havin' a Ball"

Havin’ a Ball
FeverDream; plus, 75orless, Atwater-Donnelly, more!

Their CD has been out since October, and FeverDream has finally gotten around to throwing a release party for it at the Green Room. The gig’s called the Cupid Basher’s Ball and everybody through the door will get a copy of Fourgone Guitars (named after an unfortunate event at a UMass Dartmouth show), along with other unnamed surprises. We can only imagine the swag! And if that’s not enough excitement, a film crew will capture the whole night on celluloid. You might even get on camera!

FeverDream, which formed more than a year ago, is a promising band out of southeastern Massachusetts, a five-piece crew made up of Matthew Schricker on vocals and guitar, Jessie Green on the nasty harp, guitarist Zach Kahn, Brendan Hodge on percussion, and Matt Quesada thumping the bass. They have a rootsy, modern pop-rock sound that bridges the gap between Blues Traveler and the Chili Peppers, with a healthy nod to classic rock and a little Phish phunk thrown in for good measure. The guitars are lush, power chords are few but choice, and melodies are plentiful. Songs like "Live Another Lie" and "Call You Out" have an angry edge, but with a sweet, chewy center, while others, like the opening "Enemy," demonstrates the band can rock with confidence and passion. You can stream a few of their tunes at www.fevahdream.com

- The Phoenix-Providence


Gripes, Grooves, and Grandeur (2006)

* Upcoming CD release Winter 2010 (stay tuned!!!)



Welcome Friends,

We are an energetic, outrageously entertaining, and experienced five piece rock band, and we are putting a fresh spin on unique covers, and busting out our own original sound to bring the nightly entertainment to you!!

But wait a minute, doesn’t every band say they're the best? What’s different about you?

Glad you asked. Here’s what we’re about: Good Times, Rockin' Face, Happy Bartenders, and Above All Else, Keeping Folks in the Door!!!

Best friend of bachelorette parties, college folk, the drinking crowd, and anyone else looking for a good time , we're able to mix it up every night with reggae, rock, college radio, country, and pop. Energy and crowd participation are what fuels the fun, and we have an arsenal of ultra smooth originals and killer covers to keep you dancing all night long!

Have you grown tired of hearing “Sweet Caroline?” No worries here friend, we’ll let that other band play it.

You want to play the tambourine with us? You want to sing along to your favorite song? Well, come on over to the stage!!!

This isn’t a cover band in the far corner, this is an event, and so help us, you’re going to have fun!! (really).

Over the years, we've packed 'em in tight at some of New England's BEST night spots, and we’re looking for even more!! The 2011 calendar is filling up fast, so booking waaaay in advance is strongly advised.

Let's whip a mule's ass with a belt!

Rock on Friends!