Feva In Da Funkhouse

Feva In Da Funkhouse

 Sacramento, California, USA
BandHip HopSoul

SoulHop- Hip Hop music wth the timeless quality of soul stirring compositions, lyricism, and conceptualization.


Feva In Da Funkhouse is a live band determined to put the urban swagger of soul music back in to Hip-Hop Culture. Their first live band album “Hip-Hop Nationalism: Tha Manifesto” is a lush hybrid of original grooves that challenges the quality of music the industry is currently producing. By fusing witty thought-provoking lyricism and musical arrangements with grassroots styles of funk, silky soul, reggae, reggaeton, rock, jazz, and hip-hop, Feva In Da Funkhouse manages to rescue the edginess of black music from the doldrums of radio one hit wonderland and replace it with timeless compositions. Hip Hop Nationalism- The unification of all styles of black music under the umbrella of Hip Hop Culture. The movement is NOW…


Cloud 9 Lounge LP
Hip Hop Nationalism:The Manifesto LP
Singles: RedEye Flight, Infidelity, Up Up and Away, One Speaker, Hip Hop Music, What I Like

Set List

What I Like
Afroz and Shelltoes
Dont Cry
One Speaker
Red Eye Flight