Fever AKA Red Monkey

Fever AKA Red Monkey

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I don't write it down unless it's a hot line!.... hot lines make hot songs! Hot songs make hot albums... I can hear myself on the remixes of everything on the radio..


22 years old. From The Bay, CA... Latino (bet that will hold me back 'cuz i'm not black and these weak ass people dont know how to grass-root market)... Been writing for about 5 years--gave 50 Cents people my first effort...
If you'd hear me, you'd think i got talent to say the right things at the right times.. kind of like Drake... I lost my dad, i love my mom, and i'm still truckin'... ugh


Feeverrr Freshh
Flapjacks & Waffles
European Fur

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On Hold Feat Killa Tay