Fever Dream

Fever Dream


Both moody and aggressive, we straddle the line between straight forward Meat Puppets era alt-rock and the epics now proffered by Tool. Somewhere between Perfect Circle and Jeff Buckley, Fever Dream manages to first and foremost write songs that that are both infectious and honest.


Chris Boyers and Robin Lucas shape the precarious interplay between bass and Guitar that into something beautiful by alternating subtle crystalline waltzes with searing fury. These carefully crafted atmospherics dance hauntingly over Madison Lucas's precision rumble. There is a moving maturity in Ezana Negash's voice and lyric writing that doesn't insult the intelligence or morph into pretentious intellectual posturing.


Self-titled EP available at:


Set List

1 Pheromonial
2 J'oublie
3 Ghost
4 Communion
5 Gravity
6 Skin Flick
7 The Condition
8 Louder
9 Hurricane
10 Amber
11 Blue Steel
12 From Carrion With Love


Alien in My Belly (Blak Shtuul)
Suck (Nine Inch Nails)
Lateralus (Tool)
Smoking Umbrellas (Failure)
Hand of Doom (Black Sabbath)
Dream Brother (Jeff Buckley)
Burn (The Cure)