Arundel, England, GBR
BandAlternativeClassic Rock

Dusty boot wearin’, psychedealin', mojo workin', blues slidin’, country croonin’, acoustic groovin’, gin-house rock ’n’ roll.


You gotta see them live! FeverKing has evolved into a tight three-piece gin-house rock 'n' roll band, with Will on Hammond organ / bass guitar, Kyle's guitar genius, and Dame "Son of Moon" on drums, together for just over a year. Our small home town in the south of England is behind us all the way, paying for our recent trip across the pond to play in New York. Our influences are traditional and varied - Lou Reed, Serge Gainsbourg, The Band, Cream, The Doors... - but we are winning new fans in the UK, with what was described in NY as our "great, original sound". As a result of our US trip, we have been asked to do some music for a (perfume!) commercial, so want to return soon. They seem to like us in the States! Will has synaesthesia, so he hears colours; Kyle happens to be a cordon bleu chef, so you'll eat well if you take us on; and Dame can hold his breath for 8 minutes.


Demo versions on feverking.com and MySpace: 1.Free Time
2.We Should Be Laughing 3.Waiting For The Weekend 4.The Dancing Girl

Set List

Typically a 50 minute set: 1.Free Time
2.In The Meantime 3.Favourite Son
4.We Should Be Laughing 5.The Dancing Girl
6.Keep Looking
7.Genius Boy
8.Waiting For The Weekend