Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Imagine, if you will, A tribe Called Quest, Gucci Mane, David Bowie, Timbaland, and Pete Rock walk into the bar, there they meet kanye west, andre 3000 & Big Boi. Jefferson Starship is on stage and Kenny Loggins is behind the bar...I walk in and say:"Looks like Im the owner of this joint" #FEW


sound that embodies the streets as well as the suites. With songs that have an uncanny Hip Hop sensibility with a pop understanding and sing-songy hooks that radio, teeny-boppers and labels savor. Crafting rhymes at the early age of 7 I didnt know exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, But I knew what i didnt want to be...a blood thirsty rabbit...
. By the time I was in High School I was a average kid, I smoked weed alot, played cds, and hung out with my friends until my brothers best friend gave me a beat machine he didnt want-A DR. GROOVE TR-808. In High School I became more known as the kid with the headphones on, usually in the middle of a cypher or in the back of the class making beats. Fast forward to now, and Im still the kid in the cypher, makin beats on my lunchbreak still gettin high with my friends...Guess some things are due for a change.

Why this name?

Grandma gave it to me.

Do you play live?
I play live all over the great city of Atlanta, Ga.! Im from the south-side which is home to many of the artists that paved the way for atlanta to be in the main stream...Every show is a special moment in reality, because; who else is doing that very thing that you are doing on that stage, or in that studio, or in that venue, at that time...all eyes and minds are on you.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
gives us unsigned artists a better playing field.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
probably so if I could just get the machine to do it's job.lol

Band History:
I come from college park, southside, well, southwest to be exact, you know, the birthplace of groups like Goodie Mob, The Dungeon Family, Jim Crow, and the Outkast.

Your influences?
Man, pretty much everything from jay z to gorillaz to tampa tony...Im with whatever as long as its great music, and not "just" music.

Favorite spot?
ya mamas house

Equipment used:
too much to name, i ain't got the time nor do you.

Anything else...?
yeah, remember me when you see the cd or album credits.


10 the Hard Way - Countree Noise (2004)
What It Iz Shawty - COUNTREE NOISE - 2005
Ghetty Greene - (2006)
The Dolla Series Mixtape - DRIVE Inc.(2006)
Party Pack - single - Grip-Hop Grip Plyaz & Lobo (2008-09)
Take Home - ep
Take Home - (single) - (2006)
Frankenstein - ep (2008)
Frankenstein - single (fall 2008)
Get Ur Shades/That Bright - (2008)
Boiler Room Million Dollar Dream - (2010)
MONDAY MORNING - Countree Noise (2011)
Bout the Life (single) - FEW - (2011)