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I Knew Fire / Shallow Sea (single, 11/96)
Living For Your Love / Dust In The Road (single, 11/96)
March Of Life (LP, 12/96)
David / Come Back (single, 2/97)
Dolphins In The Sky / This One's For Hesper (single, 10/97)
Turning The Corner (LP, 12/97)
Soulmate / That Clear Aversion (single, 5/98)
Stardust / Ten Souls (single, 7/98)
Paladin Road (LP, 11/98)
Farewell Autumn Rose / Riding The Rails (single, 4/99)
Waiting For The End / Starting Over (single, 9/99)
Little Things (LP, 9/99)
Transfiguration / Keeping Me Down (single, 6/00)
Thirty Miles / Stopping For You (single, 10/00)
The King (LP, 10/00)
She Looked At Me / Four Eyes (single, 4/01)
You'll Always Be / Stupid People (single, 5/01)
Something About The Movies (LP, 10/01)
Hide Your Eyes / Empty (single, 2/02)
Walking Slowly / Substitute Teacher (single, 5/02)
Playing Games (LP, 6/02)
April / Tokyo (single, 1/03)
Summertime / Sorrow (single, 6/03)
Patterns (LP, 6/03)
Lesser Man / Witness (single, 12/03)
Someday / Climbing (single, 1/04)
Step Forward (LP, 1/04)
Stop / Wait For Me (single, 5/05)
Slip Away / Out The Door (single, 11/05)
Wall Of Fire (LP, 11/05)
Bell County Girls / Believe (single, 11/05)
Jaywalking On Broadway / Utopian Girl (single, 11/06)
Bell County Girls (LP, 11/06)
Trading Heaven / Into The Light (single, 10/07)
The Good Guys / Asleep (single, 10/07)
Time Stood Still (LP, 10/07)
Not This Time / No Shame (single, 9/08)
Good Times / Come Out (single, 11/08)
No Shame (LP, 11/08)



Fextonia was never a cover band. Our first project was to create an epic quasi-orchestral soundtrack to accompany Chad's first novel, "March Of Life." After that, we settled into more of a pop idiom, though never unmindful of our grandiose beginnings. Still, we are creatures of the Appalachians and therefore subject to the whim of local goings-on. Probably the best example of this is the time back in '01 when Jarrod and Chad were coming home from a gig and got caught in a torrential downpour. The real downside was that Chad's electric piano was in the open back of Jarrod's pickup, necessitating a last-minute tarpaulin rig using Chad himself as dead weight atop the instrument. At first opportunity, Jarrod wisely pulled into the shelter of a closed gas station, and the cousins rang a nearby friend who owned a van. As the friend arrived and the transfer was being made, the police stumbled upon the scene; thus, the three unlucky youths became the first - and, quite likely, the last - persons in the Tri-State area ever suspected of stealing a piano from a gas station!