F&F Blues Project

F&F Blues Project

 Hudson, Florida, USA
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F&F Blues Project - Original Classic Blues based Rock R&B and Jazz Band, Think Hendrix, SRV, Black Crowes, with the hook and appeal of the Beatles ! Our music will take you through the full range of Rock & Blues emotion - from upbeat and rockin, to sultry smokey Blues & Jazz


F&F Blues Project is an original Blues, Rock, R&B Band. We are influenced by the great Rock & Blues legends that inspired 3 generations of music lovers. Hendrix, SRV, Led Zeppelin, Clapton, Skynard, B.B King, Black Crowes, Stones, Beatles, the Who, ZZ Top, and many others.

Although we are influenced by these great Rock & Blues legends of the past, we try to blend the new artististry & musical stylings that are relevent today.

Our personalities, experiences, and music chemistry give us a distinct band identity and sound.

Frank Hurlburt can belt out a hot 12 bar Blues styling on one song, to a soothing love song on the next. Mix that with Frank Magli's tasty Blues & Rock licks, and Tom's B3 keys, all set against a solid Bass & Drum foundation laid down by Scott B & Marc S, and you get the F&F Blues Project.

F&F Blues Project makes for one hot night of Classic Rock, Blues & R&B music !


Our Indie Album - Dirty City - is currently in digital distribution on - iTunes, Amazon MP3,streaming on Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic.

Visit our Myspace Page at www.myspace.com/ffbluesproject for even more info and songs.

Hearts Turning Blue, I Bleed Blues, Let me Inside are being played on 3-4 internet radio programs on 365 live.

Set List

Set #1

1) Love Me For Myself
2) Yo Monkey
3) Too Far
4) Messin Around
5) I Been Here Before
6) Ever is Gonna Be OK
7) Cant Do Nothin
8) That's Right

Set #2

1) Dirty City
2) I Fell In Love
3) My Motorcycle
4) Let Me Inside
5) Let It Go
6) I Bleed Blues
7) We Were Dancin
8) On the Road

Set #3

1) I Came Here to Party
2) Hearts Turning Blue
3) Last 20 Dollars
4) Skinny Girls
5) Painful Situation
6) She's So Lazy
7) Red House
8) Heart of a Woman
9) Mister Fantastic

This represents approximately 2 1/2 hours of music over three sets