Former Fat Boys

Former Fat Boys

 Addison, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopPop

The best hip-hop duo on Earth since Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff. If William Shatner used his awesomeness to start a record label, Former Fat Boys would be that labels' Beatles. Imagine the best waffles you have ever consumer...shoved into your ear as sound waves. Like that, but better.


Says frontman $ucksex of himself and the group, "I'm awesome. I'm basically a superstar in waiting. I take Hard Corey and DJ Tanner beats and I elevate them to greatness. I'm the best mc in Chicago and probably the western hempisphere and I prove it constantly in my every day life on the streets or in the back alleys where I'm being. I sell tons of records, I fuck realllllllllly hot girls, I regularly meet with people way more famous than you and do things that only really awesome famous people do, I'm just not quite famous yet. My cock is 10 feet long and I have infinite lives. True story."

Producer, Supermodel, and professional dancer Hard Corey is more coy about the group's purpose saying, "Well, $ucksex is definitely a talented mc, but without my beats he'd be just another white kid on VH-1 claiming to be a rapper. I give him the sugar, flour, and eggs to bake his cakes and pies, if you will. He wouldn't be boning so many hot chicks after shows if not for me. But, in conclusion, there's really no more awesome combination than the two of us and a bottle of Formula 50 Grape Vitamin Water and a waffle."

So what do they sound like? $ucksex says, "Press the play button. If for some reason you're too dumb to manage that, we sound like that totally pumped up noise you make when you're watching the original Power Rangers and Tommy the Green Ranger blows his knife flute and the Dragonzord comes up and you just know there's some ass that is about to be kicked so you jump out of your seat and punch a wall and scream a war whoop and call your own mom a tramp. Its like...boil down awesome, sprinkle some William Shatner, Bloodhound Gang, mc chris, and Eminem and mix in boning a lot of hot chicks...excuse me, hot broads, and you have our sound. We're nerdcore hip-hop, but we're not. We're mainstream hip-hop, but we're not. We're pop, but we're not. We're like a whole genre unto ourselves and because we are continually awesome and timeless we call our genre: Shatnercore. If you really want to find out some stuff and facts about how awesome we are that's what google and the kid who runs our wikipedia are for. We just make music because that's what gets us countless hot dames and plenty of gold."


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Set List

Set list grows and shrinks depending on gig. We've done hour sets before, but nothing longer. Usually 30-45 minutes.