FFG is an Alternative/Pop/Punk band based out of Roseville, CA. Started in 2000 by twin brothers Jarret and Jordan Haley.

In 2001 the band released the first of several EP's, most of them had singles make radio rotation in Northern California/Nevada. While gaining a great fan base throughout the years. Playing with bands such as All Time Low, Quietdrive, Unwritten Law, The Pink Spiders, The Matches, Sherwood, and many more. Including world wide online sales for the "You've Been Accepted" EP and "That's Life".

The band went through some changes and released the first full length record in 2008 called "That's Life". Which had 2 singles make radio play "Only 18" and "The Cosmos". Along with the track "Punk Rock Xmas" that made state wide radio play on several Alternative stations including LIVE 105 in San Francisco.

The band is now in the studio writing their 6th record that should be out spring of 2010.


Punk Rock Xmas

Written By: Jarret Haley, Jordan Haley, Jeff McEntire, Shawn Richardson

This is my Favorite time, home for the holidays. The cheap red wine, my cheerful disgrace. Tonight's the night you see my other face, because I've got a full moon, and my minds been misplaced.

I'm gonna put put put your mom in her palace. Your grandma nagged nagged nagged the family to sleep. Dad tried to punch punch punch my face with his ring... Because I tried to sneak Viagra in your grandfathers drink.

And I can't help that, it's the demon in me, I'm the guy that causing all the mishaps in threes... And I don't know when I'll be a better person.

Now I'm gonna deck my balls, all around the christmas tree, And nail your mom, like I did on Halloween, And trick not treat. All instead of Carolling. It's always better in a Punk Rock Xmas.

Now it's winding down, the house is asleep. I gotta get the hell out and make my escape. Tear through the gifts and pull down the tree... I'll be drinking eggnog as I flee from the scene.

Only 18

Written By: Jarret Haley

The night on the bridge, we were faded, you know it. Passed out no surprise, we were shot down by a bullet. So take these scars, and drink like we mean it. Pull out the cigars, and forget all the critics.

This is who we are right now, that was who we were back then.. Rewind and do this all again.

You were only 18, born in hell and between you and me I'm terrified. Fell for the Homecoming queen, so full of low self esteem. You believe it's do or die.

The times we ditched, for the lake or the pool. We were some sorry ass kids, hungover last grad rehearsal. We spread like disease around this town, didn't even think twice. One day we'll meet again, and drink one for the good times.

Tonight will be ours, we'll be living like kings, but you'll give it all back, and say what you mean. When nothing is wrong.

The Cosmos

Written By: Jarret Haley

You can tell I've had a run of bad luck with melodramatic emotions too much. I spent time in heaven as it pulled me down, I fell for an angel while heading straight for the ground. And I know, this time I've got to change. And I won't, free fall from this place.

So hold my hand while we're on top of the cosmos. And stay with me while we, lay with our eyes closed. And we're this far, as I knew we would... And we'd hold tight, only if we could.

Kiss and tell I know I'll never grow up this over dramatic emotions bad luck. It's half past eleven as I phone you down. I swear on the devil it is fate for us now.


Written By: Jarret Haley

Cast out, I'm sorry brother. We're turning up, a little louder. Back track, a little farther until you get the clue. We see you fading faster. You seem fit, to wreak disaster. Is this just another fucking game to you.

So long, farewell. I hope you enjoy your hard earned hell. And if by now, your past is destroyed. It's your heart you'd sell.

Lash out, at each other. And deny, you blame it on her. Pass out, no recover. You had a drink or two. We tried, bruised and sober. Your trust, won't even bother. This is just another fucking game to you.


2008 "That's Life" (Full Length)
-Radio Play for "Only 18", "The Cosmos", and "Punk Rock Xmas".

- Theme song for Armstrong and Getty Radio Talk Show

2006 "You've been Accepted" (EP)
- Radio Play for "I'm The Same Guy", Head Over Heels"

2004 "FFG/Malfoy Split" (EP)
- Radio Play for "Head Over Heels"

2003 "One Big Happy Family" (EP)
-Radio play for "Saturday Morning Hangover

2002 "Playing with Swords" (EP)