FFM - Acoustic Soul Trio delivering witty, intelligent songs. Three part harmonies and three driving acoustic guitar styles. Think equal parts Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan....that would be FFM.


FFM is a singer-songwriter trio based out in Vancouver B.C. Canada. Michael Friedman, Mark James Fortin & Sam Masich have been honing their ‘folk-noire’, acoustic-soul project in Canada, Europe and the USA. Three European tours and dozens of small venue concerts have helped the team to shape a sound which is rich in three-part harmonies, and textured with layered acoustic guitar.

The group started writing together in 1999 and gave occasional concerts as their repertoire of original material increased. Originally a side project for each
member, FFM has been well received anywhere they have performed and hasbecome an important vehicle for each member to strive forward in their

The group’s live-off-the-floor recording FFM Live Plus! has sold thousands of copies without distribution. The trio’s main strength lays in its driving, tender, often sardonic and satisfying songs. FFM songs plumb the depths and stretch toward the heights of what makes humans human.


FFM - Live Plus (live @ the DoJo- 2002)
FFM - Cinematic (studio 2005)