Eighties era post-punk rock with a tinge of sixties garage thrown in for good measure. Big fans of Guided By Voices, Husker Du and any loud guitar pop.


Not an acronym, and no relation to Elmer, FFud refers to beer. More specifically, the type Homer Simpson can only get when visiting the fictitious nearby town of Shelbyville.

FFUD were formed in the early part of 2005 initially for a one-off performance as part of a tribute concert to fallen rock n’ roll comrade Alex Sorias of The Nils and Chino fame. Their task was to play some of his favorite cover tunes, which they managed to pull-off with 3 loud guitars and much fortitude. It was so much fun that most members decided to keep playing together.

Numerous gigs mostly in the vicinity of St. Laurent Blvd. have finally led to FFUD’s first finished recording: “Eye Candy”, their first 7 song CD. The title refers to the first original tune the band ever played and is a natural set opener. The songs are mostly penned by Steve Burliuk (Fidget, Good Cookies and The Darned) and are produced by Mark Goodwin (Lil’ Buck, Lazarus Moan) whose excellent guitar work will draw in any fan of guitar based, garagey, pop, rock. The sound is anchored by the heavy hitting Luc Mantha on drums (Chino, James Correa) and Louis Panneton(Les Chaises Rouges) on Bass.

The band also has a penchant for playing goodtime garage covers by such classic bands as The Kinks, Guided By Voices, The Flaming Groovies, Chris Spedding, Spirit and even the Guess Who. These tunes are always crowd pleasers and will usually keep the beer flowing in any establishment.


7 song CD Eye Candy released Spring of 2009.
All tracks soon to be available on CDBaby.

Set List

Typical set list is 12 -14 songs, 40 to 50 minutes with some covers thrown in.

Set list recently played at CD launch:

Eye Candy
Catch The Wave
This Is This
Two Feet
She's Leaving Town
Fire Flies
Shakin' Street (By MC5)
St. Dominique
U Make Me
Victoria (By the Kinks)
Glad Girls (By Guided By Voices)
In the Ring
Shake Some Action (By Flamin' Lips)