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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | MAJOR

Los Angeles, CA | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo R&B Pop





(Los Angeles, CA – October 13, 2017) – Los Angeles based Pop/R&B act FHB releases a performance video for the hit single “Bag” today via RED MUSIC/Dreams World. The raw video, which shows FHB performing fierce choreography in an electrifying room, is directed by Director Vaughn. Watch the video HERE.

“Bag” is the second single off of FHB’s upcoming highly-anticipated debut EP. The EP, which will be out soon, will feature production from Teddy Riley, Jazze Pha, Luney Tunez, Harmony Samuels, The Starters and The Aristocrats.

FHB is an enigma – an act shrouded in mystery, cemented in self-empowerment. By withholding any information regarding brand – age, appearance and all physical attributes – they ensure that the music and message are at the forefront. Their music is urban inspired and rhythmic based with a pop appeal, all while celebrating femininity. FHB have commanded the spotlight and fans are eagerly awaiting the debut EP.

On October 28th, FHB will be performing in Sacramento at the LGBTQ Halloween Boo Ball in support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. Look out for more to come on FHB! -


Still working on that hot first release.



The masses are about to discover a striking new act whose missive is candid, creative, sincere and whose sound is packed with pop/R&B hooks as adhesive as gorilla glue.

When burgeoning act FHB reveals its signature themes—fearless confidence, resolute will and self-empowerment—there is enough career experience to back the fact that these are anything but convenient sound bites. The empowered new artist has yet to reveal her identity or what the three mysterious initials mean, but what we do know is that FHB is taking a stand.

“I didn’t want to be labeled or put into a box. By concealing our physical attributes… for now… fans hear the music first and appreciate the art for what it is, most of all,” says FHB. “I hope to inspire others to be themselves and not feel they must conform to what others may want them to be.”

FHB’s formation began in the land of sunshine, Southern California. At an early age, the artist recalls asking family members to film her while singing and performing covers, often putting together mini-concerts for neighbors. In middle school she joined the concert choir, where she received the Outstanding Vocalist Award. Her choir teacher told her she had something special and encouraged her to pursue music.

Growing up, FHB also gravitated to dance as another form of creative expression. This became a passion that would not be taken lightly. In the third grade, FHB joined a dance performance group. Within a year, the artist was recognized for both her passion and stage presence and was advanced to the elite team where she competed at both the national and international levels, ultimately earning numerous awards, along with her teammates. She continued her love for the stage throughout high school and was selected by her team as their dance captain thanks to her exhaustive work ethic, leadership qualities and perhaps most of all, undeniable talent.

“In my late teens I became a member of my first girl group,” FHB explains. With a revolving door and a constantly changing cast of characters, traction for the act was a challenge. The one constant: the talented lead who would not give up on her vision. After landing a deal with Dreams World/Sony Entertainment Group, she released her first single “Regular,” featuring J.R. (a Trey Songz protégé). The debut garnered airplay on R&B and rhythmic radio stations across North America, as well as massive support from club DJs, over 5 million plays on SoundCloud, and more than 300,000 YouTube views. A 2016 remix of “Regular” with Bankroll Fresh and Spodee has only upped the ante.

“I really believe that ‘Regular’ was the perfect single to introduce who I am and my core message of empowerment,” says FHB, whose identity thus far remains an enigma. “It’s all about inspiring people to be their best and to live out their dreams with courage and authenticity.”

With FHB’s melodic force field, consider “Regular” a fitting appetizer to the main course. Next in line is first-quarter 2017 single “Bag,” that is comparable to the first single as an upbeat club banger with its high energy and

clever play on words. “‘Bag’ offers a sexy side to my personality and is about owning your confidence and being a

strong woman. It’s absolutely one of my favorite songs I’ve recorded so far,” FHB says.

The upcoming EP is all about creativity, contemporary bulls-eye vocals and a positive empowered viewpoint, thanks to its rock solid alliance with Dreams World. “It’s urban-inspired, rhythm-based with a pop appeal. It’s  energetic and youthful,” FHB adds. As with most Millennial artists, FHB will further connect with fans through more than just the music. “I have had an obsession for fashion and beauty since I was a little girl. I would love FHB to expand into a retail empire where we can create a branded clothing line, accessories, shoes and even expand into beauty products.”

She adds with a laugh, “I am definitely in touch with being a girly girl. What you see on stage is 100% who I am in style and expression. It definitely takes a lot of courage to go against the grain, but I’ve always loved a good challenge.”

One thing for sure: FHB is fearless. She has demanded the spotlight and everyone is eagerly waiting to see what’s next.