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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE
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"Fiach - 'Every Single Day' review"

Dublin Singer/songwriter Fiach, has been working his way up the ladder for the past couple of years. ‘Every Single Day’ is his current single taken from his new album ‘So I’.

‘Every Single Day’ is a driving indie/folk/rock track, not quite what I was expecting to be honest. It’s all good! The drums and bass keep the pace up and there’s a clever little guitar hook going on. Fiach’s vocals are effortless.

This is Fiach’s second single, the follow up to You Dear and if the rest of the album is anything like this, its bound to be a gem. The pace never slows and Fiach gives us three minutes of pure magic, This is the best Irish single of this genre I have heard in years.

Simple .. 6 out of 6 - Nessy Productions


The Irish Times - Friday, March 19, 2010

So I , Marcella Records
Dublin singer-songwriter Fiach Moriarty has been operating under the radar for so long it's a wonder his signals have been picked up by the antennae of any but those nearest and dearest to him. Moriarty, 27, is the kind of plying-his-trade artist who easily slips through the net in his home country. (Did you know that last year he came first in the annual Celtic Language Contest in Inverness? Yes, well, neither did I.) Such lack of profile could easily change with

So I , a debut album of depth and courage, guile and wit. While he has yet to extricate himself from the influences that forged his songwriting style in the first place (we'd guess that early David Gray and The Frames were turntable favourites), there is definitely enough of the singer himself going on here to make So I such a worthwhile listening treat. Moriarty plays Whelan's, Dublin, this Thursday; attendance is recommended.

See myspace. com/fiachmusic
Download tracks: Wake Up Dead, Letting Go  - Irish Times

"Fiach - album review"

Fiach has released his debut album [at long last] and it's brilliant. On a whole it contains eleven wonderful songs of joy, hope, despair, wit and charm. It's a collection of great tunes which should elevate Fiach from the comfortable surroundings of open mic nights to the large venues and arenas around Ireland and beyond.

Fiach has released his debut album [at long last] and it's brilliant. On a whole it contains eleven wonderful songs of joy, hope, despair, wit and charm. It's a collection of great tunes which should elevate Fiach from the comfortable surroundings of open mic nights to the large venues and arenas around Ireland and beyond.

I've listened to 'So I' pretty much non stop since I bought it on Thursday and one of the best things I can say is that on every listen I've chosen a different favourite song. At present track two; 'Stop' is my favourite but it rotates with 'Dignity', 'Every Single Day' and 'So I [Have Fallen Down Again]'.

'So I' is at it's heart a singer-songwriter album. However he is either accompanied by strings or a full band on every song. Fiach also flirts with other genres such as Bill Withers style funk on 'Wake Up Dead' and country folk on the first single from the album 'You Dear'. On some songs the lyrics are full of attitude and underlying aggression. On other songs Fiach uses his insight and charm to write beautifully crafted songs like 'Letting Go'.

All albums should finish on an epic song and 'Home is Where The Heart Is' is truely epic. It merges Fiach's charm and confident swagger with attitude and aggression to produce a song of hope and human strength.

I've connected with this album in many ways. It'll be on regular play in my house for many years to come.

Fiach - So I [11 out of 12] - 2uibestow

"Fiach interview"

Fiach is one of Ireland’s biggest up and coming stars, and has been extremely successful in the Irish music scene for the past few years. A native of Dublin, the crooner has one of those voices that would make a nun drop her knickers in a second. Luckily the PopCultureMonster kept his on the whole time, and got this wonderful interview off the man himself.
Who are your greatest influences musically?
The Beatles, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Elvis, traditional stuff that was always on in the house growing up like the Dubliners, Mary Black, Christy Moore, Dolores Keane, Maura O’Connell plus I listened to some classical stuff like Vivaldi and Mozart a bit when I was a kid. In the last few years I’ve been getting quite into stuff like Ian Dury and Squeeze. So a vast range of influences really.
What CD is in your car/iPod right now?
I can’t drive but most of the above would be on the iPod as well as stuff like Soundgarden and Thin Lizzy. Some contemporary Irish artists too like Wallis Bird, David Hopkins and Declan O’Rourke.
What’s your favourite song to play live? Do you do any covers?
My favourite song of my own to play live at the moment is one called ‘Freedom and Resistance’. It’s a new one I wrote about the Irish Brigade fighting in Mexico in the 1800’s and it sounds great with the band. Can’t wait to record it.
I’ve done a couple of covers in the last few years during gigs. It’s mostly a tip of the cap to songs I love. In the last while I’ve done covers of ‘Alone again naturally’ by Gilbert O’Sullivan, ‘Leave me alone’ by Michael Jackson and ‘Stay as sweet as you are’ by Nat King Cole. I learnt that last one after I heard my grandfather singing it to my grandmother on her 80th birthday in our kitchen in Ballyfermot.
Could I read your Poker Face?
Maybe. I’ve only gotten into poker recently and have had mixed fortune. Depends on how many Guinness I’ve had!

Could you briefly explain the music making process?
I don’t think I have any formula to writing songs. Some songs have taken me years to write; I’ll leave them for a while and come back to them when I find something that suits the melody. Other songs write themselves in my head. There’s a song on the album called ‘Letting Go’ that just wrote itself, lyrics, melody the lot. I just had to write it down before it left my head. Then I’ll go in and record the song in the studio. I’m lucky to be working with people who are very good at interpreting the sound I have in my head.
Any advice to give budding artists/bands?
If you love what you do and believe in your abilities then don’t give up and always be willing to learn, no matter how hard it may be to swallow sometimes.
If you could collaborate with one person or band who would it be?
Maybe Gilbert O’Sullivan or Paul McCartney. Or Air, they’d be interesting to work with I think.
Is there one song you just wish you could’ve written?
Lots and lots. My friend Ro Byrne is in a band called Earthquake Hair and was one of the musical brains behind Lir and his songwriting absolutely blows me away.
What’s your biggest phobia?
I’m not great with heights
What is your ultimate goal as a musician?
To live comfortably from my own music and to realise my full potential.
Do you know any good jokes?
Good, I’m not sure, but here’s one anyway:
How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?
Any last words?
Emmmmmm…..Hakuna matata. I think it means ‘no worries’ in Swahili!
Any shameless plugging?
Album is out on 19th March in all good shops. Album launch is in Whelan’s on 25th March and is gonna be great craic! Other than that check out my website and MySpace. - Popculturemonster



The latest album we love is So I by the wonderful Fiach. So I hits the shops today and will be followed by an official launch on March 25 when Fiach will be playing Whelans with his band, a string section and some more surprises to boot.
He told us: "I'm releasing the album on my own label Marcella Records which is named after my granny who lived round the corner from me in Meath Street.
"I'm delighted that I'm finally getting it out there as it is something I have always wanted to achieve.
"I hope people like it but if they don't I will just make another one - as an artist you have to just put it out there and either it works or it doesn't and you move onto the next one."
The album was recorded in Studio 2, Kinsealy and was produced by Keith Lawless and Fiach himself.
Fiach Moriarty, is 27 and has been working on his music for a long time.
He's shared stages with Damien Dempsey, Kila, Finbar Furey, Declan O' Rourke, Finbar Furey, Sinead O' Connor, Damien Rice, BellX1, Luka Bloom and Paddy Casey.
And as he's doing this all himself, Fiach says he's got no worries about his music not sounding the way he wants it to be.
Fiach said: "I'm not tied to a major label and I can do what I want.
"And I don't think too much about money - I think about it when I have none but once there's enough to live on and make music then that's enough.
"I don't want to be living next door to Bono or anything."
Fiach's song are sometimes written about his own life but mostly concern the people and events around him.
He said: "I tried not to have every song as 'I ' this and Me that.
"One song on the album is about someone I grew up with who got hooked on drugs but it's mostly about stories that have interested me."
Fiach says some songs came easily to him like Letting Go which just wrote itself in his head.
But others have been teased out for months even years to make this smashing debut.
If there's one album you buy this weekend, make it So I. - Daily Mirror


2009 - Single 'You Dear'
2010 - Album ''So I'
2010 - Single 'Dignity'



Dublin singer-songwriter Fiach Moriarty released his debut record So I in March 2010 to great acclaim earning him special guest slots with World Famous acts and leading Hot Press to state that 'instrumentally as well as vocally, 'So I' is exceptionally resonant and richly textured with strings bringing a sense of the sublime to several tracks. Wonderful!' The album was immediately named 'Album of the Week' on RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland's national broadcaster.

Fiach is currently in recording for his second record, provisionally titled 'The Last Romance', due for release in 2012. He will be taking breaks from recording to play at several of this summer's festivals including the Lorient Festival in Britanny, France, and the massive Milwaukee Irish Fest which attracts in excess of 110,000 people each year.

The past 12 months have been busy and very exciting for Fiach.
Upon the release of his debut album the young Dubliner immediately went on the road with artists of the ilk of Mary Black, Ray Davies (Kinks) and Declan O'Rourke and was even performed with Fairground Attraction chanteuse Eddi Reader for her appearance on The Late Late Show. Fiach's record and performances also garnered praise from a host of musical heroes of his including Gilbert O'Sullivan and Paul Brady.

Fiach recently penned a deal with L.A. publishing heavyweights Benair Churchill and continues to write music for forthcoming releases as well as the recording of his next record set for release in 2012.

In the meantime: 'If there's one album you buy this weekend, make it So I' - Daily Mirror