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FIC... The Midwest True Story. Hip-Hop at its finest. A true taiste of the dynamic music that is coming out of the Midwest. Skilled lyrically, Fiction is creative and has a presence on records matched by few. Fic is the real deal.


Fiction, or Fic as most call him, was born in Decatur, GA. Raised by a single mother in Minneapolis; Fiction began rhyming at the age of 14. Cousin Domonique “Cyance” Suttles, introduced Fiction to hip-hop, by challenging him to write and rhyme. At 17 Fiction began taking rapping more serious, he linked up with groups UppaDeck, and then Shebro Records out of Detroit, MI. In 2002 he began working with Pharohs Ent., a group of young musicians, promoters, producers, engineers, and rappers. Fiction collaborated on music with Pharohs Entertainment, until releasing his first solo project in 2004, called “Arm & Hammer”. “Fic’s best attribute is his ability to see nuance’s in other rappers, and apply it to himself,” explains fellow rapper Corey “2C” Fernandez of Pharohs Ent.


Arm & Hammer (2004)
Rocky vs Fic: the MidWest True Story

Set List

6-8 songs... depending on crowd and DJ. (approx. 15-25 min.)

I'll take that
Apple Bottom
Roll Up
Move It
Beat Bang
Small City USA